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Over the last month, we’ve released some exciting new features, like Intake Forms, and we’ve significantly enhanced existing features such as the Teamwork Notebook Editor, and added a lot more functionality to our reports, mobile apps, and more.

Introducing Teamwork’s new Intake Forms enabling you to simplify work requests

Many teams and businesses have their own processes when submitting work requests. Add an individual's level of understanding of a particular item into the mix, and it becomes difficult to know what exactly someone is looking for you to do and who you should refer to, to allow you to gather the information you need to assess and begin work on a new task.

But, with the introduction of Teamwork’s Intake Forms, you can now easily create a personalized form, ensuring the information you require to begin your work is clearly captured within a task and assigned to the correct task list.

Whether your requests come from colleagues or clients, simply create the form and share the link with the relevant parties. This lets them easily submit new tasks for you and your team to review, price the work, and take action.

Meet the revamped Notebook Editor: Create, edit, and collaborate on content with ease

Teamwork has revamped the entire Notebooks feature! Your team can now easily create and edit content in real time within the new collaborative and simplified editor. Neatly host your team’s documents and use the new searchable table view to quickly find information.

“I would like to thank you and express my appreciation toward your work. The new Notebook update is really great, it feels like a lot of fresh air entered the room. Full screen on desktop is awesome. Previously I struggled a lot with it and always wanted to go and use Gdoc. Now this feeling has disappeared. Great work, Teamwork gets better and better. Keep it going.”

 Benjámin Földi, CEO, Hypershade 

We’re currently working to make it even better, which is why the new Notebooks feature is currently released in beta to a subsection of customers, and soon all customers will have access.

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Give stakeholders the visibility they need through our new reports Export functionality  

Throughout the first three months of the year, we released numerous new reports in Teamwork. The Project Health report, aimed to give you a high-level understanding of the overall health of your projects, the Utilization report to help you easily view and manage your teams' resources, and the Planned vs. Actual Milestones and Planned vs. Actual Tasks reports, enabling you to have a better understanding of the actual status of your Milestones and Tasks by comparing their original due dates with your current due or completed dates.

Now we’re delighted to introduce the ability to export any of these reports. By using the export option in the top right of a report, you can download a copy of the report into a PDF, and easily share it with those stakeholders who need visibility.

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Collaborate faster with developers through the Teamwork — Jira integration

We know collaborating with developers in their tool, while also managing your own projects in Teamwork can be challenging. This can feel like a drain on your time, by doing duplicate work and by simply trying to learn a new tool. 

You may begin to get frustrated if you’re going back and forth between Teamwork and the development tool, copying and pasting information, sending endless instant chat messages or emails trying to get the information or feedback you need. And to top it off, you may have to spend hours in meetings sharing updates across multiple teams.

We’re here to put an end to double work. Introducing a new integration to help ease your pain!

Unito allows you to build two-way integrations connecting Teamwork to development tools like Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, and Microsoft Azure DevOps. It just got a lot easier to collaborate with your development teams and build more efficient workflows, without ever leaving Teamwork.

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Updated User Rates solution

It’s not ready yet, but we’re too excited not to share. Coming soon to Teamwork is an updated User Rates solution. You’ll have the ability to set two types of rates:

  • Cost Rate - Hourly cost to your company for each employee

  • Billable rate - Hourly rate you charge clients for your employee

The billable rate will give you increased flexibility in terms of setting the rates. You’ll be able to set them at the site level, assign a default project rate, or assign a specific project setting.

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Use Teamwork.com to manage multiple complex projects with ease.

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Enhancing our new Mobile App

You might have noticed how excited we were last month when we released our new fully native mobile app. Have you downloaded it yet?

Once we shared these new apps with you, we hit our own reset button and made almost 200 little enhancements to the app. Then we gave it some time as more and more of you began to use the app, we started to thoroughly review your feedback.


We heard you say it was hard to see totals on the old Time screen. So we’ve redesigned the screen and produced a beautiful new look that’s much easier to work with.

Following on from this, we’ve added the links section to the app. Now you can view any link already added to a project, and we have the link creator coming very soon. 

And as we work on roughly a three-week cycle, we’re already well into the next release - focusing on two of the most requested features:

  • Viewing tasks across all projects

  • Viewing tasks by day in the calendar


For the Android version, we’ve added support for working with Completed Task Lists. And for those situations where you’ve made a mistake in logging time, we’ve made it easier to remove the incorrect entry. 

Currently, we’re focusing on one of our most used new features — Personal Tasks. As well as including the process driving powerhouse of showing Task List defaults when creating a task. Followed shortly after by the ability to view everybody’s tasks across all projects.

Both iOS & Android

Clock In/Out: early access to one of Teamwork’s best beta features has been frequently requested. So we’ve gone ahead and added it. It’s in the latest release of the iOS app and in the next release of the Android app, which will be out shortly.

Understand where agents spend their time with the new Most Expensive Companies Report in Teamwork Desk

Do you ever get the sense that some customers are getting a lot of your team’s time and you’re not really sure if it’s fair to your team, your business, and your other customers? Or maybe these customers are the ones to refer to when looking for valuable feedback? Either way, it would be good to have more insight into who they are!

With Desk’s new Most Expensive Companies report, you’re able to see which companies your agents spend most of their time supporting and the companies that submit the most tickets.

You can easily access this through Reports in Teamwork Desk. Simply navigate to the Time tab and find out who your most expensive companies are. This is measured from the time spent working on tickets associated with the customer and the number of agents involved.

Set your agents up for success with Scheduled Replies

Do you know the best time to contact a client to get a response?

Do you sometimes work late into the evening and wish you could schedule your reply to send at a more professional hour?

Our new Scheduled Replies feature will give you all this and more by allowing agents to schedule a future time and date—up to one year in advance—to send a reply or follow up with a customer. This feature is currently in beta, contact us for early access at desk@teamwork.com.

We hope you find value in these new features and if you’ve any questions or feedback, please contact us at support@teamwork.com, or leave a comment below. 

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