BRiN is redefining business mentorship by distilling the collective wisdom of 1,000 business experts into one free mobile app that has become a personal advisor to thousands of entrepreneurs. With a 25-person team, BRiN, which is based in Sydney, Australia, offers video and audio educational programs for small businesses owners across the world.
Carolyn Birchill, BRiN COO, found that Teamwork Projects had all of the tools to keep her global team’s tasks and project objectives on track, even as the company tripled in size.

“We run our whole business off Teamwork Projects so every aspect of our business, which includes operating our TV studio, our technology team, product release planning, and day-to-day operations.”

The Challenges

Creating a comprehensive small business resource platform requires the coordination of team members and experts on several continents. Not only are team members continually recording audio and video presentations, but there are development, marketing, and customer services teams that need direction for their daily assignments.
Because Carolyn had used Teamwork Projects previously, she knew that Teamwork Projects had a range of features that would be crucial in order for her to maintain both transparency within her team and daily oversight on multiple teams, projects, and tasks.

“In order for our programming to have the largest impact possible, we need to keep all of our timelines coordinated. Most project management software can’t track all of those details, so we had very few options to choose from.”

With so many teams, Carolyn was very concerned about granular control over tasks and permissions. She wanted specific team members to have access to certain information but also screened from certain segments of the project that didn’t really involve them. After using other software, she knew how confusing it could be when everyone in the whole company could see every message or task update.
In the past, Carolyn had to resort to using several different apps to keep tasks and communication coordinated, but separated for individual team workflows and priorities. Having messages, files, to-do lists, and workflows in several apps worked most of the time, but details were still getting lost in all of the confusion.

“What we really needed was one app that could do everything for us, and it needed to be easy to learn for anyone, anywhere.”

Rapid onboarding was especially important as the team grew from three to 25 within a year, and there were eight different suppliers to include as well. Most of the team was traveling frequently, so the need for flexible, portable access to the software was imperative.

The Solution

Today, all of the team members and suppliers stay connected each day using Teamwork Projects’ desktop and mobile apps. No matter what location they’re operating from, they can get instant updates, messages, and even meeting notifications concerning their projects.

“The clear and measurable impact of adopting and implementing Teamwork Projects for the whole company was improved productivity. With all of our work in one place, it requires less back and forth between systems, which saves time and reduces distractions.”

Bookkeepers, website developers, technology contractors and hosting providers can all interact within Teamwork Projects using the messaging, task lists, and planning tools. The permissions features allows pinpoint control of information, so an outside contractor can see all of the messages on her project, but won’t see any of the information or conversations from the billing department, for example.
Integrations have also increased the functionality of the software for BRiN, allowing them to create tasks directly from an email or web browser. The Gmail and Chrome integrations are some of the most-used integrations of the team, but they are keeping an eye on integrations that is developing every month.

“It’s comforting to know that as we try to give startups and growing businesses the support they need, Teamwork Projects continues to grow to meet the changes our business is going though.”

Some of Carolyn’s favorite features include the comments and the Everything tab. Communication can be directly connected not only to each project, but to each specific task or subtask, making replies more accurate and on time. Because Carolyn has to respond to at least 20-30 comments a day, the Everything tab lets her see them all in one place and answer them quickly.

The Benefits

Each one of these features has made BRiN function more smoothly, cutting out repetitive tasks or trying to work with incomplete software solutions. Putting them all together has given every team the chance to focus more clearly on their individual work — and collaborate more smoothly.

“It’s so much easier for our team members to reach out to each other or other team members using Teamwork Projects. All of the files and comments stay together, so we’re spending more time working. Projects are coming in on time and on budget.”

The team also has clarity about their ongoing responsibilities at any time. Tasks are readily available to team members, and planning or revising a project is a very straightforward process. Teamwork Projects is so accessible that the handover of work is almost seamless when team members go on vacation or new team members are added.
Data is archived by project and easily retrieved, which makes it easy to see what decisions have been made and how long certain project phases took to be completed. Project cost estimates and or project templates never have to be made from scratch using the information from previous jobs.
Because communication has now been simplified on one platform, the team needs fewer meetings, either in person or virtually. This gives everyone the freedom to travel, connect with their suppliers, and attend to the details of delivering great work.

“As our company expands and travels all over the world to create more content, I’m not sure how we could function without Teamwork Projects. Every part of BRiN has grown, and Teamwork Projects has kept pace, offering us the tools and the flexibility to keep growing without having to find new tools to manage our workload.”