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Identifying and fixing siloed processes is more important now than ever before. This includes ensuring that all of your digital tools are constantly interacting and keeping abreast of each other. 

The new version of the MS Office Add-In does just that, enabling your Microsoft Office tools in Windows to harmonize with Teamwork.

Communication that goes beyond your tools

Managing teams and tasks effectively begins with leveraging the right tools to get the job done.

You asked and we listened! Version 2 of this Add-In provides teams with the ability to perform Teamwork actions from Microsoft apps without the need to navigate from one application to the other. The latest version takes this a step further by offering you and your team a sleek, user-friendly interface.

This latest version’s performance and user interface will pave the way for the most significant upgrade we’ve made to our app; quick and easy access to Teamwork workflows right within MS Office. Our latest Microsoft Add-In will do all the heavy lifting within a number of apps in the Microsoft Office suite such as Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio, and Outlook. You also have the ability to keep your MS Projects and Teamwork Projects in sync using this Add-In with MS Project.

This streamlined process works its magic by cutting down on time you’d otherwise spend on ensuring all of your applications are up-to-date. Take advantage of our MS Add-In by letting it handle the tedious task of switching apps for you and your team.

Here’s how you can get started

To get started with the latest version of our Microsoft Add-In, you’ll need to have the following set up:

  • Your device should be running on Windows 7 or newer. We highly recommend running our MS Add-In on Windows 10.

  • The Add-In can be used with MS Office 2013, or newer and Office 365 Desktop installation is supported.  

  • You will also need Microsoft .Net 4.6 installed. This is usually part of Windows Update. 

  • The Microsoft Project Add-In is available on Grow and Scale plans

Now that you’re ready, here’re the steps you need to follow to get Teamwork working with your Microsoft apps:

First, click your profile image at the top right of your screen and select View Profile from the dropdown menu. On this page, select the Integrations tab, where you will see an option for Teamwork Projects for Microsoft Office:

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Now, click the Windows button to begin the setup, and follow the prompts to complete the installation process. Alternatively, you can download from our integrations listings here.

When you start Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for the first time after installing the add-in, you will see an additional Teamwork tab has been added to the ribbon menu at the top of the application. Clicking Open Teamwork will open up a login page on the right-hand side of the application where you can enter your username and password for the Teamwork site you would like to connect with Microsoft.

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You’re all set! You’ll have access to your integration options via the Teamwork window or the Teamwork tab in the ribbon menu.

Make the most of this integration

Now that you’re set-up, here’s how you can make Teamwork’s MS Add-In work for you.

Imagine you’re heading a team of creatives who’re all working on projects that have multiple stakeholders. Managing your team members, keeping an eye on deliverables, and reporting your team’s progress can be challenging without the right tools.

Teamwork’s MS Add-In is able to streamline this entire process by chipping away at siloed applications. For instance, you can now create tasks from your email and add any attachments from Outlook directly onto Teamwork, keeping your dashboards up-to-date.

Project management also involves having a finger on the pulse of details such as time spent on each task, budgets, and forecasting. Our new and improved Add-In streamlines the reporting process by allowing you to begin a timer when reviewing a document and using excel for budgeting and forecast management. We even took it a step further to enable you to create tasks to highlight next steps from these forecasts.

None of this will be possible without giving each team member a bird’s eye view of processes. We understand that full visibility of projects is crucial for maintaining productivity, so we’ve enabled Microsoft Projects users to migrate their tasks from Projects to Teamwork. This bi-directional flow of information unifies your Microsoft apps with Teamwork, allowing you to continue using your preferred tools to get the job done.

Updating the Teamwork Microsoft Add-in was a no-brainer for us in our effort to make working in Microsoft apps as fuss-free as possible.

If you need a hand getting set up, check out our help docs here or reach out to our support team at

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