Using Teamwork Projects as an alternative to Trello has enabled Kashmer Interactive to reduce the number of tools they use for their work as an internet marketing agency. Read the full case study for details on all of the benefits.

“Before Teamwork Projects, we were using multiple tools and applications for different aspects of our work as an internet market agency. Using the software has allowed us to cut down on the number of tools we use, which has ultimately made us more efficient.”

Korey Kashmer is the founder and CEO of Kashmer Interactive, an internet marketing agency based near Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). Kashmer Interactive specializes in driving traffic, leads and visibility for mid-sized businesses using SEO. Korey launched his startup in 2016 after spending 15 years in both agency and in-house marketing teams, which also built his expertise in paid search, email marketing and conversion optimization strategies.

The Challenges

“We previously used Trello to help manage our clients’ projects but this tool became too simplistic for our needs. By moving to Teamwork, we’ve been able to use fewer applications, and we’ve become more streamlined and efficient.”

Not long after starting Kashmer Interactive, Korey discovered that his initial choice for a project management tool–Trello–lacked the functionality his team needed. This resulted in reliance on many other tools to perform the functions Trello lacked in terms of features, such as time tracking and document editing.
These siloed apps made each project more time-consuming than it needed to be–limiting the number of clients Korey and his team could take on.

The Solution

As Korey began searching for a project management tool that was more robust than Trello, several internet marketers in his professional network recommended Teamwork Projects as their preferred software for managing tasks, clients and entire projects from start to finish.
Kashmer Interactive applied for the Teamwork Loves Startup program and qualified to have their Teamwork Projects subscription free for one year. After Korey introduced the software to his team, they immediately recognized the value of the time-tracking feature in particular.

“We were really impressed by the time-tracking feature. Not only does this feature track time based on project work, but it also allows us to segment our tracking by types of tasks and teams. This gives us an extremely close look at where our time is spent.”

Even though the company doesn’t bill by the hour, the time-tracking feature has proved to be an invaluable resource as it allows Korey and his team to identify which aspects of their clients’ projects are demanding more time–or require more attention.

“We don’t bill per hour, but we do allocate a certain amount of hours monthly per client campaign. Time tracking in Teamwork Projects helps us ensure that our time is spent or invested proportionately per campaign.”


Switching from Trello to Teamwork Projects has provided Kashmer Interactive with an all-in-one solution for their project management needs. Korey even has precise data on the benefits that the software brings to his agency.

“Because we can tie staff time to projects, we’re reducing time over-runs on specific projects which makes our company more efficient. This has been upwards of 10% – 20%.”

The Kashmer Interactive team can now review their detailed time logs, allowing them to identify and eliminate friction points within their workflows much more rapidly. They also have a better sense of when a project is silently consuming more time, and they can find a solution before they miss deadlines or have cost overruns.
The biggest benefit of this efficiency boost is that it frees up time for Korey and his team–allowing them to spend more time developing profitable campaigns for clients.