The feature you love for tasks is now available for users! Learn how User Change History gives you a more granular view of your users’ activity history.

When we launched Change History for tasks a few months ago, we promised that we would be rolling this out to other areas of the product too. So we’re delighted to introduce: Change History for users.

A big part of any project is managing your stakeholders and all of the people who are responsible for delivering various aspects of the work. As a manager, the more visibility you have, the easier it is for you to manage accountability and control access to sensitive information. 

Having this kind of granular traceability not only helps you to work with more context and clarity, but it also makes life easier for your team, enabling them to quickly find any user-related information they need at a glance.

This feature is also useful if your team has to adhere to certain criteria in order to add a user. If you need to query a new user, you’ll easily be able to see who added them and when.

With User Change History, any user who has the ability to manage other users can:

  1. See when the user was created and by whom

  2. See if the user was re-invited at any stage and if they accepted the invite

  3. See if the user’s permissions were changed, added or removed

  4. See changes to their profile including personal details, phone number, and notes

This kind of detail is especially useful when working with clients and external stakeholders.

To access the User Change History, go to the People area of your site and select the user you want to view. You can read more about how to use it here


Now available on Grow and Scale

Change History is now available on our Grow and Scale plans. Talk to our Sales team to learn more about these plans.

P.S. If you haven’t read it already, check out our 2019 roadmap update to see what else we’re working on at the moment.