Time for the first CRM release of 2021 and it’s one that a lot of our customers have been requesting over the last few months. Up until now, Teamwork CRM has not included a way for our users to recover or restore CRM deals (leads, opportunities, activities and notes) that were deleted, whether by design or accident. Once a user deleted these CRM artifacts, they were permanently removed, which is not an ideal user experience and has been the cause of some anxiety for some of our customers.  

So we’ve decided to start 2021 off on a very positive note and have added the world-famous Trash Can to Teamwork CRM. We hope this addition will help calm some nerves and alleviate the pressure for those customers who were living in fear of deleting the wrong thing and having no comeback! 

From now, any deleted activities, notes, files, leads, opportunities, contacts, companies and products will remain available in the trash can for 30 days from the point of deletion. 

If you need any of the deleted items restored over the course of that 30 day period, simply go to the trash can (via the settings menu, as per the screen print below) and restore the deleted item. No harm, no foul!

Trash Can navigation

We hope you don’t have to use the Trash Can that regularly and that this safety net relieves some of your anxiety, when deleting an item in CRM. As always, if you have any feedback please leave a comment below or email us at crm@teamwork.com.