Introducing the Teamwork Success Planner: A report to help your team maximize their use of Teamwork

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Whether you’re onboarding a new tool within an organization or using an existing tool, it’s critical for your team to get the maximum use out of it. However, it’s just as important to ensure your team is using it as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

We know that many project management tools can be limited in their functionality and others may be too feature-heavy and it can be a little unclear on where to focus within the product to gain the most value.

At Teamwork we want you to have access to the functionality that you need to effectively do your role. Therefore, we don’t only offer the critical features that you need to execute on your projects, we also highlight through the new Teamwork Success Planner.

This report has the key features that we’ve identified to best support your operational proficiency. Ensuring you’ve full visibility on your organization's adoption of Teamwork as well as a clear view of the features your team has yet to utilize so you can get the most out of Teamwork and ensure project success. 

How does it work?

The new Success Planner takes your organization's use of Teamwork’s nine impactful features considered essential for successful project execution into account. From this, you can now easily identify any gaps within your workflows to ensure your team uses Teamwork to it’s optimum. 

By utilizing this report, you get a quick view of your team’s adoption of Teamwork. You can also become the key driver who empowers your team to use and grow their use of the platform. This report also allows you to enable users to develop their skills by identifying the functionality which currently is not in use. This will in-turn lead to better outcomes and have a positive impact on ROI as teams are now empowered to leverage all of the key features available to them.

Easily accessible for administrators via their profile icon — once inside, you will see a feature wheel highlighting the key features that you are currently using along with your account’s success score.

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The data displayed encapsulates your entire site. Therefore, if any of the nine listed features were used by a user in your account in the previous 30 days, that feature will be deemed as utilized and fall under the “achieved” category in your report.

Below your success score, you see additional sections that highlight the key features in use and not in use within your account. You can easily expand every section and scroll to view a summary of each feature along with supporting information that you and your team need to know on how to use the feature and the value it can bring to your process. 

In addition, there is a Trend Section within the Success Planner report that displays a graph highlighting your account’s monthly usage score — again based on the nine key features.

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What are those 9 key features?

No doubt, if you haven’t been into the Success Planner yet, or viewed our helpdoc, you must be wondering what are the essential nine features. In short, the key features identified in the success report include:

  • Files - any user has uploaded a file.

  • Milestones - any user has completed a milestone.

  • Mobile apps - any user has used the mobile apps.

  • Project templates - at least one project template has been used by a user.

  • Repeating tasks - any user has marked a recurring task as complete.

  • Time - time has been logged by at least one user.

  • Comments - a user has added a comment to any project item (task, file, notebook, etc.).

  • Task list templates - a task list template has been used.

  • Messages - a user has created a message on a project.

You can learn a little more about the value of each one here in our recent blog.

With the site level administrators having access to this new report, you are now enabled to easily understand the adoption of Teamwork within your organization. But you can also identify your teams opportunities for improvement, so the entire organization can fully optimize the use of Teamwork. This will lead to more streamlined workflows, allowing for better project management, project execution and improved results all round. 

If you would like to learn more about the Teamwork Success Planner, join our webinar on Friday, February 26th at 11AM EST. In this webinar, we’ll showcase the Success Planner in action and will be there to answer any questions you may have about this new highly-value report.

As always we would love to get your feedback so please leave any comments in the comments area below or email us

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