Have a look at happiness.teamwork.com.

For the past few months, we’ve been running a little experiment. You may or may not have noticed, but when we answer feedback we ask you to rate us at the bottom of the page:

Introducing Happiness – happiness.teamwork.com | Teamwork Projects

Most of what Teamwork Projects is today is based on feedback we have received from you and others. A great example of a feedback-induced feature is the recently released Gantt Chart. When we started out we never intended to add our own Gantt system.  But it was something that came up again and again in feedback.  So we did it, we’re proud of it and looks like it’s made quite a few of you happy as well.

We really appreciate the time that people take to talk to us, whether it be regarding a bug fix, feature request or appraisal. We would not be where we are now without you telling us what you need and what could be improved on. We also want you to know that we care: with every feedback that comes in we endeavor to answer not just as quickly as possible but also in a structured and considered format.

Introducing Happiness – happiness.teamwork.com | Teamwork Projects

Ultimately, we want you to tell us how we are doing. Mostly we get very positive feedback, but we also know that there are always ways in which we can improve. With the Happiness page, we want to be as transparent as possible about this. We will continue to strive towards perfection. When we get there we will tell you how it’s done 🙂

When rating the feedback we really do want you to be as honest as you can.  If our reply didn’t meet the high standards you expect from us, then let us know.  That way we can grow and do better the next time.  The one thing we do ask, though, is that if an answer is not the answer you’d like, please don’t shoot the messenger!  Remember it’s the quality of the feedback itself that’s being rated.

Head on over to happiness.teamwork.com for a peak.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing your ratings 🙂