Today’s guest blog post was written by Shareef Defrawi, President and Founder of Bonafide. As a Teamwork Projects user and leader of an Inbound Marketing agency, Shareef wanted to share his perspective on how Teamwork Projects helps him and his team delight their clients. This is the latest post about Our Customers & Community.

Alright – so you’re probably aware that Teamwork Projects is an awesome SaaS tool that can help teams run their operations more efficiently. And although our inbound marketing agency, Bonafide, uses it to manage all our internal projects, this post is about how we use Teamwork Projects to delight our clients. Here’s how.

It Helps Us Look Good Teamwork Projects allows us to customize everything and make it our own. When our clients log onto the site, the first thing they see is our branding and logo, which, you guessed it– communicates professionalism. You can even set it up on your own website for a seamless, uninterrupted brand experience. And the icing on the cake? You can show or hide elements within each project so your clients only see what you want them to see.

It Eliminates Redundancy Some agencies use Google Docs or Microsoft products for everything. At Bonafide, we use them too, but not exclusively. Why not? Because some of our clients don’t use those tools, and forcing them to jump through unnecessary hoops to collaborate on a project isn’t in anybody’s best interest. They shouldn’t have to figure out how to open a Word doc if they don’t use Word or have it installed. That just creates friction. But with Teamwork Projects, our clients can log in and see exactly what they need to see without having to download software or open up a program to see it. That said, Teamwork Projects plays real nice with Word too.

It Keeps Things Organized One of our favorite things about Teamwork Projects is that it enables both our agency and our clients to do our jobs better. It’s our central repository for everything project-related (e.g. intake docs, approvals, feedback, contracts, files, etc.). If we need a client to sign off on a design element, add some feedback, or approve a piece of content, they do it in Teamwork Projects – and it’s documented in plain view for everyone to see. Our clients don’t have to e-mail or call us for documents either; they just login and – boom – everything they need is right there waiting for them.

It Keeps Us on Track Alright – so this may be more of an internal benefit, but it definitely adds value to our clients as well. When we onboard a new client, setup is as simple as loading a pre-built campaign template. A couple of clicks and we’ve got six months’ worth of projects, tasks, and deadlines ready to go. Teamwork Projects also integrates with Harvest, our [awesome] time-tracking tool, making it easy to log time to specific tasks without leaving the site. The less time we spend on admin, the more time we spend moving the needle for our clients.

It Improves Workflow & Communication Teamwork Projects lets us assign tasks and deadlines directly to our clients. These come in handy when you’re waiting for things like approvals, feedback, and other items you need to get your job done. Not only does it help them feel involved (because they are), we don’t get slowed down by things that we’re waiting on. The best part is, if something is assigned to them, they’ll get an automated e-mail from Teamwork Projects every day as a reminder.  A lot less follow up for us and a lot more accountability for them.

It Gives Our Clients Peace of Mind Our clients don’t just get to hear about what we’re doing, they get to see it. When they’re logged in, they get a bird’s-eye view of everything that’s happening. They see timelines. They see the calendar. They see every task, milestone, and detail for everyone. They’re always up to date and know what to expect because they’re part of the process. This helps them have confidence in us, which leads to trust – and when our clients trust us they’ll continue to do business with us.

Delighting Our Clients Our objective is to solve our clients’ problems while building trust and rapport along the way. Whether we’re working on a one-time project or managing a long-term campaign, Teamwork Projects helps us serve our clients better:

  • No more sifting through Gmail (or, God forbid, Outlook) to find lost emails.

  • The phone doesn’t ring as much because our clients don’t need to call us as much.

  • We’re complimented on our productivity and professionalism regularly.

  • Projects are finished faster and client onboarding is a breeze.

Bottom line: Teamwork Projects makes our jobs easier and our clients happier. And when our clients are happy… …everyone’s happy.