Improve your Timesheet game with these new wins

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How many times have you been told “Don’t sweat the small stuff”? Probably too many to count! Well, us at are here to tell you it’s okay to sweat the small stuff—we will always hear you out.

Since the launch of My Timesheet and Company Timesheet, we’ve listened to your feedback and released numerous improvements to help make managing time in your timesheets as decluttered, connected, and pleasant as possible. Read on to see what we’ve recently rolled out:

  1. Advanced sorting - Sort by Company, Due date, Last updated, Project, and Project category. Tasks will be much easier to find and navigate around thanks to new ways to order your data for the week.

    Blog post image *My Timesheet

  2. Advanced filtering - Want your timesheet to only show your tasks, only tasks with logged time against them, or only Starred projects? We got you! Say goodbye to timesheet clutter and hello to a clean and specific view. Blog post image *My Timesheet and Company Timesheet

  3. Show unavailable time - To keep things streamlined and connected, any unavailable time denoted in the Workload Planner can now show in your timesheets via a filter. Now your timesheet can be even more holistic and accurate (and no time reminders will be bugging you when they shouldn’t be!). Blog post image *My Timesheet and Company Timesheet

  4. Condensed view - To wrap it up, these delighters will make your timesheet experience even more enjoyable and simple:

  • Rows of tasks will no longer automatically expand so things are less overwhelming and cluttered when you land on the page. Now you have control to choose which task requires the full expanded details.

  • Rows of tasks will no longer open when inputting time to once again keep the page as simple and streamlined as possible.

    *My Timesheet

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