Optimize your sales workflow and make your team more efficient with the enhanced Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects integration. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the integration between Teamwork CRM and the other products in the Teamwork suite. Our aim is to help you to streamline how you work so you can spend less time switching between tabs and getting lost in general admin and more time on delivering the work that matters. The latest enhancements to the Teamwork Projects integration will bring your workflow to the next level, allowing you to add tasks to a deal, links deals with an existing task, link deals with existing projects and more. These new additions will help your team to collaborate more effectively and improve internal processes — allowing your team to perform at their peak.

New: Add tasks from a deal

One of the main requests we were seeing from users was the ability to add tasks in Teamwork Projects directly from a lead or opportunity in Teamwork CRM — and now you can!  You now have the choice to create a new task from a deal or link a deal with an existing task in the project and task list of your choice. When creating a new task, you can assign it, add a start and end date, add a description, and task priority to keep tasks up to date with the relevant info and connected between both apps. This is really helpful when you’re working on a deal and you need some help from other teams to get it over the line. For example, if you’re preparing a presentation for a meeting with a prospect and need a specific template designed, simply create a task directly from the deal and assign it to someone in the marketing and design team — allowing you to track and manage tasks even easier.  As you add tasks from a deal, they will populate under the Tasks section in the left-hand menu making them easier to manage and access. From here, you can click on a task to get a quick view of the task details within Teamwork CRM, and quickly add comments or estimated time. You can also complete tasks directly from a deal and hide (or unhide) those you’ve completed so that the most relevant information is visible for the team.  If you make a mistake and add the wrong task to a deal, no problem. You can quickly disconnect a task from a deal — and this goes for projects too. Check out our help docs for a step-by-step guide on adding a task from a deal.


Improved: Creating projects from a deal

Using the Teamwork Projects integration, you can create a new or templated project directly from a lead or opportunity that links directly back to the deal in Teamwork CRM. Now you also have the option to link a deal to an existing project in Teamwork Projects, as well as adding a new one — keeping everything connected between apps.  To do this, simply click on the project in the left-hand menu to see a quick overview of key project information on tasks, time, milestones, and more. And as mentioned above, if you no longer need to link a deal and project, now you can disconnect them in a couple of clicks. These enhancements will give you more insight on how work is progressing directly from Teamwork CRM. 


Check out the enhanced integration in full

The improved integration between Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects is designed to streamline your workflow,save you time, and help your sales team collaborate more effectively — not just with each other, but with other teams in your company, too. Wondering what’s next? We’re currently working on syncing contacts and companies between Teamwork CRM and Teamwork Projects, which we know will be a gamechanger for most teams.  We’d love to hear what you think about the more robust integration and what else you would like to see added in the future to help make your team more efficient. Comment below or send us an email at crm@teamwork.com — we’d love to hear from you. As usual, if you need a hand getting set up with the new integration, simply reach out to our awesome support team at support@teamwork.com and we’ll be happy to help.