YMtech is an IT consulting and service provider company based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialize in solving IT challenges and offering professional advice and expertise to support businesses and their employees.  We talked to Yuri Miloslavsky, the Founder and Managing Director of YMtech, about his journey to become a certified Teamwork Enablement and Technology Partner — and how it’s impacted his business. 

What are Teamwork Partners?

Before we take a look at Yuri’s story, here’s a quick overview of the Teamwork Partners program. Partners are an extension of Teamwork. We work together to meet the specific needs of our customers, helping them to increase their satisfaction, productivity, and growth. We have three high-level categories of partners but many operate across multiple areas in terms of the services offered to Teamwork customers:

  • Enablement Partners provide specialist consulting, deployment, or training services to help teams become more productive with Teamwork. 

  • Technology Partners leverage our API and their development experience t

    o provide custom work such as integrations, reporting, workflow automation, and feature enhancements.

  • Sales Partners are resellers or distributors who sell Teamwork products on our behalf.

Sound good? Learn more about the partner program here, or keep reading to see how it transformed YMTech’s profitability…

From learning to leading

Yuri’s Teamwork journey started five years ago when he was looking for a project management solution for his own business. He was looking for a better way to manage his work and keep multiple projects progressing, and he found it in Teamwork. “We tested at least 10 different options, but once we found Teamwork, we never looked back,” Yuri told us. Teamwork quickly became an integral part of the company’s workflows. They were able to not only leverage the existing features, but they also created new possibilities by tapping into the API directly. “Teamwork’s support team and API documentation was invaluable here,” Yuri said. “We were able to use that wealth of knowledge to really make Teamwork Projects work for us.” Soon they had adopted most of the Teamwork software suite: Teamwork Desk for helpdesk management, Teamwork Chat for team communication, and most recently, Teamwork Spaces for storing and editing documents and Teamwork CRM for managing their sales pipeline. “From there, the transition to becoming a partner was pretty natural,” Yuri said.  “We moved from running our company on this platform to showing others how they could do the same.” Now, the majority of YMtech’s clients use the Teamwork suite of products.

Erasing pain points

When talking to customers — a mix of existing clients and new business sourced through the Teamwork website — the team at YMtech often found that they were having the same pain points that they themselves had been having, pre-Teamwork.  This meant that they could use their expertise and leverage their first-hand experience to provide customized solutions for clients to help them get the most out of Teamwork Projects. To do this, he adapts to each client’s needs by scaling his support to the organization’s workflows, depending on factors like company size and business needs. In many cases, they often need just a few days of his consultancy before they’re running everything themselves.

“YMtech came into our office and was able to successfully learn our current processes and limitations (in a very quick timeline) and begin setting up our move to Teamwork. They got us both setup online and ran tutorials to help train all our staff.  Furthermore, they were extremely responsive and involved to give users with elevated requirements the knowledge they needed to lead their respective teams through the change. I was an elevated user (one of the main internal educators) and their proactivity and efficiency was fantastic. YMtech’s care, involvement and responsiveness were exceptional. They fulfilled their requirements but helped to reduce the pain points of change.” — Robert Thomas, CRS Product Development Manager | Dorel

Saving time, doubling revenue

By working with a Teamwork Partner like YMtech, customers can benefit from a helping hand at the crucial rollout and adoption phases. It makes the potentially daunting experience of switching to more advanced software seamless, giving teams an additional layer of support, customization, and change management. And for YMtech, the Teamwork Partners program has been a pathway to profitability. Leads come directly from the Teamwork website, so he doesn’t have to chase clients or worry about a carefully-created sales funnel. He’s been steadily switching the focus of his company from traditional IT work to digital transformation projects and taking on more Teamwork clients. Since becoming a Teamwork Partner, Yuri estimates that his company revenue has doubled. “This month will be almost 100% Teamwork clients,” he said. “It’s exciting because it allows us to work in areas beyond traditional IT, make an impact on the day-to-day of other businesses, and expand our presence across different industries and geographies.” By utilizing Teamwork products and automation, Yuri’s team of four people can function like a team of 20 people. Becoming a Teamwork Partner has enabled YMtech to grow their business exponentially and are now focusing on expanding further.   “With Teamwork Projects, it’s the whole package,” said Yuri. “I’m seeing every day how it can help businesses grow. YMtech has felt the benefits, and so have our clients.”


Here’s Yuri on a visit to the Teamwork offices.

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, check out our Partner page for more information. If you’d like to work with a certified Teamwork Partner, take a look at our list of Technology, Enablement and Sales Partners here.