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As we’ve mentioned the last few weeks, Teamwork is currently revamping and adding multiple reports to our software to help you and your team get valuable insight into your work at dedicated points in time. If you missed any of the other Reports updates, you can view the Utilization Report, Planned vs Actual Milestones Report and the Planned vs Actual Tasks Report in each blog. 

Today we’re here to talk about the new Project Health Report and how it can transform the way you view the state of multiple projects all at once. The Project Health Report gives you clear visibility of the performance and health across multiple projects in a one single view. 

For example, if you’re a project manager or senior stakeholder, you can quickly get an understanding of the projects that look set to be delivered on time versus the jobs that will be at risk if action is not quickly taken.

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In one quick cohesive snapshot, the relevant user gets an overview of the health of all of their projects. The interactive table view format with customizable columns and column sorting enables you to hide irrelevant information while highlighting the key information—critical for your project completion. 

Once your key data is on display, such as task completion, time left, and project health status, you can instantly identify any problem areas. Subsequently, you’ll have both the time and information to address any potential risks as your team's work progresses. 

Having access to this report will arm you with the contextual insight needed to get the full scope of the project, its essential details, the overall progress, or issues that put the project at risk.

Using the Project Health Report is helpful for users and their teams to adopt some project management best practices if and when needed. With this view, you can quickly ensure key information like project owner, project dates, and project budgets are all updated. This will increase both the discoverability and adoption of these elements.

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Whether you’re a project manager, project owner, or senior leader, you need to be able to report on your team's work. You can now easily share your information with colleagues during important meetings in Teamwork. 

By using the enhanced filtering option, you can seamlessly portray the information that is relevant to you and your wider team. Simply filter by tag, category, company, starred projects, late projects, and exclude completed projects, so you are only showing the most important information at any point in time.

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It’s truly exciting to see how this report can give you an overview of your project health status, percentage of task completion, and the budget remaining for a specific project. The report can help you quickly identify where projects have gone off track, which lets you take action faster to ensure on-time project delivery.

If you need more information on how to access and use this report, view our help doc and as always, we'd love to hear your feedback about the Project Health Report, so please leave a comment below or email us at

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