Over the years, we have had many (fairly regular) requests for us to add an “import from Excel” option or Excel Import Option for Teamwork Projects Tasks and, as you know, we base everything on feedback. Up until now, it’s just been another item on our to-do list, but this month we put the effort in and added it… *drumroll* …you can now import tasks to Teamwork Projects from an Excel file. You can do this in every project through the following steps:


  • Navigate to the Tasks tab of the project.

  • Select the Options menu in the upper right-hand section.

  • From the drop down select Import Excel File.

  • .xls and .csv file formats are currently supported.

  • Task entries should be in a specific format: see the sample and notes below.

Things to know:

  • A task must have a task list. A subtask must have a task.

  • Start and Due dates must be in the format YYYYMMDD.

  • Users are identified by their email address.

  • Priority can be empty or one of (High, Medium or Low).

Of course, we also have a video to show you the process. Check it out here:

We really hope you find this helpful.