One of Teamwork CRM’s guiding principles is to allow our customers map Teamwork CRM to how they work, rather than having our customers change the way they work to accommodate Teamwork CRM. For that reason, we put significant emphasis on giving users the power to customize Teamwork CRM, whether it is their pipelines, stages, rotting periods, activity types, or, of course, custom fields. 

Custom fields are a foundation stone of Teamwork CRM. They allow you to capture the data you need, which is important to your organization, as your team progresses deals and activities through the various pipeline stages. So for one customer, a custom field might include the option to capture the lead source, to better understand how prospects are coming into the pipeline. For another, a custom field might capture whether a lead is from a new business source or additional business from an existing customer. Or it might be to gather important competitor information, e.g.who else is being evaluated by the prospect for this opportunity.

But the true value in the custom fields lies not just in the ease of setting them up and capturing the various data points, because what’s the benefit of having all this data if you can’t leverage it to gain insights, and help you work even more effectively? The real power lies in being able to gain business insights from that data, insights that help you improve how you work, and move your business forward. 

Which is why we took the decision to give our powerful filters a makeover, so they:

  • Are simpler to use

  • Provide the data you need as quickly as possible

  • Improve the overall user experience

  • Make those data-led insights easier to generate

Now, as you select the fields you want to filter on, the board or list view will automatically update to reflect your selections as you go, technically known as progressive disclosure. From a drop-down in the header, we’ve also added the option to filter leads and opportunities by their Open, Won, Lost or Rotting status.

Board View

So now it’s easier, and better than ever, to use the new filters to create the different types of views and reports that you need. And of course, you can save and share the filtered views with your teammates (or keep them private!) to ensure that everyone is working off the same information as you look to maximize your sales.

We believe that the updated filter solution will play an important role for our customers, helping you to focus on the data and data segments that matter to you, avoid missing opportunities, and ultimately use the data and the associated insights to make better decisions that benefit not just the sales function, but the entire company.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our latest update, comment below or contact us at