During Teamwork Spaces’ 12 Days of Christmas, we'll be sharing tips, best practices, use cases, and releasing new features to help you get the most out of Teamwork Spaces.

At Teamwork, we use our own products daily. So we have surveyed the team to get some quick tips from the Teamwork Spaces power users to help you elevate your workflow to the next level.

You don't need to use the mouse to access the widgets and editing function on a page.

Just type / to bring up the full menu of widgets and continue typing immediately after the / to search through the commands list. Press Enter or Return on your keyboard to select the highlighted command. All the command shortcuts are shown beside each widget. I particularly love having the ability to set a line of text to a header by either typing /h1, /h2, etc. at the start of the line or even after I have added the text.

Keyboard commands

Add emojis into your inline content by typing a space and then a colon (:). You will see a window of options open and you can select the emoji you would like to use.

The keyboard emoji shortcut

At the time of writing this post, we calculated that over 2,500 pages had been reordered since we launched this feature last month. But, just in-case you haven't noticed, we introduced the ability to re-order pages in a space directly from the sidebar. You can drag and drop individual pages, or if there is nested content, you can also rearrange, add your subpages. Simple and efficient!

The page navigation bar makes it very easy to move around a long page. Big chunks of paragraphs can be hard to read so use your headers to divide up the content. Using proper header sizes can visually set out the hierarchy of your page content and each header is automatically added to the page navigation bar so that your readers can easily navigate to the content they need.

Headers to make the most of the page navigation feature

Using custom templates is a great way of increasing productivity within Teamwork Spaces. Currently, we have over 190 different templates on our own installation of Teamwork Spaces. They are used for everything from meeting layouts and marketing plans to project development and behavior specs. Templates can be useful for individuals who are carrying out certain repeated tasks (I use one for writing feature specs for Teamwork Spaces). They also can be a way to set standard procedures across teams, such as the template we use for our weekly team L10 meetings. I also find myself using a temporary template if I want to quickly create a number of pages with similar content in a space. It is easily created and can be deleted afterwards if you wish.

Categories allow you to group related spaces together so they can be more easily found. You can find the full details of how an Admin can set up and manage categories in our help docs. A category can be created per client or you can add one for different departments in your organization. Like us, when you organize your spaces into categories you will probably find spaces that are no longer required, so it allows you to do a bit of spring cleaning at the same time. As the saying goes,  "a tidy space dashboard equals a tidy mind".... or something like that!

Tags are another good method for organizing your content in a granular way. You can add multiple tags to a page and then search or filter pages across multiple spaces using these tags. 


Don't forget that as well as our Add Page button in the sidebar, each page in the tree has a little + sign that appears once you hover over it. This allows you to add a new page directly under that page as a sub-section. 


If you have an external page link copied that you want to add onto a page, you can select text already created and use the keyboard paste command. The link will be automatically added to the selected text.

If you are making an inline comment and you need the input of someone else on your team, you can use the mentions feature to select the user's name and they will be sent a notification that they have been mentioned in the comment. Clicking on the notification link will take them straight to the comment so they can join the conversation.


We hope you are enjoying our 12 Days of Teamwork Spaces' Christmas. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment in the comments area below or contact us at spaces@teamwork.com.