In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of some of the small but awesome changes we’ve made to Teamwork Projects over the last few weeks.

We’re constantly making small but mighty improvements to features that make Teamwork Projects even better for you! Here’s the rundown on the latest updates that will help boost your productivity.

1. Project specific chat channels

Haven’t tried Teamwork Chat yet? There’s no time like the present to start making your team communication more productive. Our new update makes it possible to automatically create project specific channels in Teamwork Chat!
Simply go to the settings section of your individual project and enable the “project channel” toggle. A channel with that project name will automatically be created in Teamwork Chat with everyone who is already a member of the project. This means you can quickly and easily set up a channel to discuss project specific topics with all the relevant stakeholders rather than having to remember who to add!
Check out our help doc to learn more about project channels in Teamwork Chat.

2. Custom sorting for default columns and task lists (Editor’s Choice!)

Default task lists and columns allow you to set the default lists that are created each time you set up a new project or a new board. We used to sort default task lists and columns alphabetically, but we realized this might not match everyone’s preferences.  To make Teamwork Projects even more adaptable to your needs, we’ve added the ability for you to customize the order of these task lists and columns using whatever method works best for you. Go to general settings, templates, and default columns and default lists to check this out.
Take a look at our help doc if you want more information on working with defaults.

3. Create a task list from milestone 

This is a favourite here at Teamwork HQ! Have you ever created a milestone and wanted to start attaching task lists immediately — but realized you needed to create an entire task list first? Now you can create a task list directly from a milestone, allowing you to get stuck right into your planning and keep things moving. We find this super handy when you’ve just come out of a meeting with some to-dos and want to start making progress on them immediately.
Learn more about adding milestones.

4. Set your standard working day

Now you can set the length of your standard working day to perfectly match your schedule! Whether your team members work 8 hours, 7.35 hours, or a super-productive 4 hour day, this update works with Teamwork Projects’ time log chart to give you an instant overview on the number of hours your team is working each day.
Read more about how to set this in our help doc.

5. Improved milestone reports

Now when you export a milestone report to a PDF, the report will also include attached task lists and the progress percentage for each milestone. This gives readers an even more comprehensive overview of the milestone status so everyone has accurate information on the project.
Learn more about working with milestones here.

Go test drive these updates and check out the difference they make to your daily workflow! We made these changes as a direct result of your feedback, so as always, we love to hear about how you are using them and what we can improve them.
If you need help using any features, feel free to join into one of our success channel webinars — the team will be happy to help you with any questions you have.