Reporting bugs into new Teamwork tasks is a time-consuming process.

Your team and clients have to switch back and forth between your website and your Teamwork projects constantly and dabble around with a bunch of other tools like screen capture tools.

And more often than not, your developers will be frustrated with the lack of actionable data in your bug reports.

  • Where was this bug found?

  • Which browser did you use?

  • Do you have a screenshot?

Thanks to, one of Teamwork's most successful partners, your team and clients can report bugs and send feedback into your Teamwork projects without ever leaving your website.

In this post, we will cover:

  1. How to collect perfect bug reports in 4 steps

  2. A replay of our co-hosted webinar between Teamwork and

  3. Frequently asked questions about the integration

  4. discounts

A perfect bug report needs to have a few things:

  1. It needs to be easy to create

  2. It needs to be logged inside the tools that your team uses

  3. It needs to be actionable and reproducible

  4. It needs to allow communication between the reporter and the developer.

Let's take a deep dive to see how can help create perfect bug reports inside Teamwork.

Collecting feedback from your team and clients directly on your website has never been easier. Simply embed a few lines of code inside your website's code, and the widget will pop up:


Furthermore, all fields in the widget form are pulled and synced both ways with your Teamwork project.

Your Teamwork project will always be in two-way sync with Any feedback logged with the widget will arrive inside your Teamwork project as new tasks:


When a team member or client reports a website issue,'s widget automatically attaches a screenshot and records technical metadata:


As you can see, each bug report will include:

  • Annotated screenshots

  • Page URL

  • Browser & OS versions

  • Screen size & viewport size

  • Console logs

  • Custom metadata

Once your team closes a task inside Teamwork, the issue will automatically be marked as resolved in as well, thanks to the two-way sync integration. This means if your client does not have access to your Teamwork projects, they can still be notified when their feedback has been addressed.


We recently co-hosted a 30-minute webinar with the team to show how this integration saves time and increases team efficiency.

Watch a step-by-step demo, from collecting feedback on the website to closing it. Use the timestamps in the video to navigate to the Demo:

We understand there are a lot of questions about this integration, so we wanted to share the most asked questions we saw in the webinar.

Yes, absolutely! You can do that by choosing what fields you want on the widget. You can select the default task list in the settings for the guest widget, and the guest reporter will never see it!

Yes. The browser extension allows you to capture screenshots from anywhere on the web and into any Teamwork projects that you want.

Yes. You have multiple ways to control who can see the widget:

  1. Disable Public reporting. Only invited users with a will be able to see and report feedback on your website.

  2. Auto-hide the widget, then share a secret URL parameter with your clients and team to reveal the widget.

  3. Use the WordPress plugin, and show only to logged-in WP users (more on that below).

  4. Load the widget only for specific users or on certain pages (requires technical skills).

You can install the widget with the WordPress plugin. This allows you to connect your website to your Teamwork project without needing to mess around with code. The plugin also allows you to make the widget visible only to WordPress logged-in users.

Currently, offers a Teamwork integration with tasks. If you’d like to see a Teamwork Desk integration, please reach out to us to give your use case. We’d love to hear it!

Not yet, but the team is working on it for the summer of 2021.

Teamwork customers wanting to try out this integration can sign up for a 15-day free trial here.

When your free trial comes to an end, you can use one of the following coupon codes for an extra discount. We've extended the offer until the 31st of July 2021:

  • TEAMWORK20MONTHLY → 20% on your first 3 months with monthly billing

  • TEAMWORK5YEARLY → 5% of your first year

We hope you love the integration as much as we do! If you have any feedback, please reach out to Alternatively, if you would like to contact the team at, you can do so at

This is a 3rd party integration built and supported by the team at We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap. If you need a hand getting set up with this integration, please contact the team at