A little over two weeks ago we added one of our most requested features to Teamwork Projects — Board View on Tasks. Our aim was to release a first version of the feature, get some feedback about what else was needed and understand a little more about the way our customers use Board View. Having informative responses from the people who use Teamwork every day helps us build features that make a difference in your daily work.

We’re happy to say that the initial launch was very well received, and based on feedback from our users, we’ve added Triggers to Board View — the first of many updates to come.

Triggers are a powerful feature within the columns on your board that allow you to automate actions when creating or moving cards from one column to another. They’re really useful for automating your workflow as the status of your tasks change from column to column. With a few clicks, you can set triggers to instantly send notifications or mark tasks as complete, decreasing the time you spend updating your board each day.  Speed is an important aspect of Teamwork Projects for our users, and this latest feature serves to help you work faster and smarter.


With Triggers you can choose to modify the properties or auto complete your card. If you add the “modify properties” trigger, you can select the properties you would like the trigger to change including assignee, tags, progress and notify. For example, if you have a column called Design, you can create a trigger so that any card that is moved into that column is assigned to your designer.

There is also a trigger that allows you to autocomplete a card. Many of our users will use their board to map out a process. To do this, they might lay out their board with columns for the “need to do,” “in progress” and “Done.” With autocomplete, you can set a trigger so that anytime you move a card from the “in progress” column to the “Done” column, the card is automatically marked as complete.

You can quickly and easily create your triggers through the column options menu–and you can also edit or delete them at anytime. If you feel the need to add more, you can do that too. An article is available from our help docs site should you need more information on this. If you’ve been using this new feature, we’d love to hear more about it. Has it improved how you use your board? Is there something we can to do make it even better? Let us know! Remember, this is an early edition of Board View. We’re working every day to make it even more powerful, and we are currently exploring ways to add other requested updates to this feature. Stay tuned, and we’ll continue to publish updates as they’re released. Note: Triggers are available to users on paid plans only.