Teamwork and HubSpot Part 3: Automate, Track, and Streamline Client Communications and Requests

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Welcome to Part 3 of our Teamwork + HubSpot No-Code Automations series! In this installment, we'll be diving into how to automatically generate tickets and log engagements in HubSpot when messages are posted in Teamwork. How are we making these two powerhouse tools talk? Shocker - it’s Zapier to the rescue! 

If you're just joining us, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 to learn more about how custom automations in Teamwork + HubSpot can supercharge team alignment and collaboration, and how to use Zapier to automatically create projects and task lists in Teamwork when a deal is closed in HubSpot. 

With the tools and knowledge gained from the previous two posts, we’re taking things a step further today and will build a solution that streamlines communication with clients and enhances their overall experience with your business. 

So let's jump in!

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In today's business landscape, companies are using a variety of tools to manage different aspects of their operations. But managing client communications can be a challenge when it involves multiple teams working in different tools. This is where a solution that seamlessly integrates client communications into project management software can be incredibly valuable.

Think about it in the context of your own team. If you’re like us, your project delivery team may want to work exclusively in their project management software, such as Teamwork, where they can focus on tasks, resources, and time tracking. Meanwhile, your client communications team (think Account Managers, Coordinators, etc.) may prefer to use a CRM like HubSpot to manage client communications and maintain a single source of truth on the state of the account. 

This is where the integration of HubSpot and Teamwork comes in. By connecting the two platforms with the solution outlined here, client communications can be automatically logged and updated in HubSpot based off of simple updates in Teamwork. This helps reduce context switching for your team, ensuring that your project team can post updates in the tool they love (Teamwork) that get automatically synced to the tool that your client team is most at home in. 

Say goodbye to context switching and hello to certainty that all of your most important communications with clients are not missed. 

Even better, this solution allows you to maintain a unified approach to client communication without having to force your clients into Teamwork. Because Teamwork is great, but let’s face it - not all clients want to be added to your project management tool! With this solution, your clients can continue to use the tools they prefer while the project delivery team can remain focused on delivering high-quality work within their own tool. 

Overall, the integration of HubSpot and Teamwork can streamline client communications and help teams work more efficiently, ultimately leading to better client satisfaction and successful project delivery.

Here's an outline of the tools and general steps that will be covered in the solution.

First off, the tools you’ll need:

  • Sales Hub Pro or Service Hub Pro

  • Teamwork 

  • Zapier (paid version) 

And here is a 30,000’ view of what we’re making happen. (For in-depth building instructions, be sure to watch the video where we cover everything step-by-step so you can build right along with Mandy.)


1) Automatically generate a ticket in Service Hub (or log an engagement in the deal) when a message is added in Teamwork 

2) Send an email to the customer using a third-party app and BCC the email to the customer's HubSpot contact record 

3) Receive and route customer replies to the right person, whether it be a new ticket in Service Hub or an update in the deal 

4) Optionally, use Service Hub's ticketing portal to allow customers to track all communications related to the project 

It's important to note that while the solution will be built using Service Hub, it can also be adapted to work with Sales Hub. Throughout the video, the different steps will be outlined and viewers will learn how to set up the solution using the three tools mentioned above.

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