In order to further improve your workflow, we’ve built upon last month’s shorthand task entry feature by adding another little shortcut – adding customized groups of users. For example, if you frequently add a group of web developers to certain tasks, you can now create a role called “Developers” in the People page of your project, add the required users to this role, and then just type “@Developers” when creating or editing a task. This will assign the task to all of the users defined in the role. Lets take a closer look:
First, you will need to create a project role and add users to it. Within your project, click on the People tab and then click on Roles in the sub menu (please note that creating roles is only available to Project Administrators). Click on “Add project role” and fill in the required information.
Now in the Tasks page, assigning a task to your Developers role is as simple as typing “@Developers”. If you need to check which users belong to the Developers role, just hover over the tag and you will see a list of its users. Quick tip: you don’t even need to type the whole word – once it’s the only suggestion left in the dropdown list, simply press enter or the space bar and it will auto complete:
Assign tasks by project role | Teamwork Projects
And that’s it – quick and simple!

More tips

  • To quickly add users to a role in the Roles page, just click on the plus icon to the right of the list of role users. This will present you with a list of users who have not yet been added to the role, which you can also filter by user name. Simply select the user(s) you want to add and close the list again – the users will be instantly added.
  • There is no restriction on the number of roles a user can belong to; for example, the same user could belong to both a Project Managers and a Marketing role, among others.