It’s here! The ultimate integration to streamline your workflow, Teamwork Projects for Slack increases productivity, improves efficiency and helps you and your team deliver real results. Open up more collaboration possibilities with the new Teamwork Projects and Slack integration. Using the newly released Slack actions, you can turn any message into a detailed plan in Teamwork Projects. Now, important tasks won’t get lost in the conversation thread, and you can seamlessly convert ideas into actions with a few clicks. Get more accomplished by removing the need to switch apps and reducing the risk of breaking your flow. If you don’t use Slack but would like to get in on the action (no pun intended), why not try out our free instant messaging platform, Teamwork Chat. Similar to the Slack integration, you can make conversations more productive by turning decisions into tasks in Teamwork Projects. 

Turn ideas into Actions…

Now you can get real results from conversations in Slack by capturing ideas as they flow and turning them into steps that your whole team can implement immediately. Using the Actions menu in Slack, you can create a task in Teamwork Projects straight from a Slack message. No more wondering who’s taking action after a conversation has taken place: now you can create tasks and add them to a task list, assign a teammate, add start and due dates, tags, priority and more — all without leaving Slack.

…and Actions into progress

Stay in the loop on project progress with real-time notifications in Slack when a task is added, modified, or completed in Teamwork Projects. One glance tells you who is working on a specific project with updates that come straight into your Slack channel. Take action on task updates as they come into Slack, or quickly add a comment on a task to keep work flowing. Real-time notifications keep your team in sync, reducing the need for in-person meetings.

Capture all your valuable ideas and suggestions

Great ideas can come from anywhere. For teams communicating through Slack, open discussion can lead to helpful — and profitable — breakthroughs. Whether it’s a solution to a problem, a simple suggestion, or an ingenious idea, keep track of every thought or detail for later use by creating a message in Teamwork Projects from conversations in Slack.

Build project resources and achieve more

This integration can help you collect and share useful project links to create a resource library that your team can use exactly when they need it.  If a valuable link is shared in Slack, instantly add it to your links library in Teamwork Projects. This collection of shared wisdom can help answer questions in seconds, no matter who is in or out of the office! It’s an essential tool for remote teams who operate across different time zones but need to access crucial information.

See Teamwork Projects for Slack in Action

Get started with Teamwork Projects for Slack

If you want to tighten up your workflow, use both Teamwork Projects and Slack in this new integration! Stop watching work fall through the cracks, and see how Teamwork Projects and Slack can streamline your workflows and improve team collaboration instead. Install the new Teamwork Projects and Slack integration and become more productive today. Check out our help doc for a step-by-step guide to enabling Slack. If you need some help getting set up, contact us on and a member of our team will be happy to help. Teamwork Projects for Slack is available on the Deliver plan and higher.