Make it easier for your team and clients to report visual feedback from any web page or app and automatically add it as a task in Teamwork with the new Teamwork and Userback integration.

 When it comes to collecting feedback on web pages and apps, endless screenshots and important information being buried in long email threads is a struggle that agencies, developers and designers are all too familiar with. Not only that, but trying to interpret what design changes your team is suggesting (or your client is requesting) can prove extremely difficult.

 The integration between Teamwork and Userback simplifies the process of collecting and actioning website feedback from start to finish.

 Userback is a visual feedback tool that allows your team and clients to give visual feedback on any web page with screenshots and annotations. By connecting Userback to Teamwork, each time visual feedback is submitted a Teamwork task is automatically created — keeping designers, developers and project managers on the same page.

Using the Teamwork and Userback integration is easy. Once you’ve connected Teamwork to Userback and installed the Userback browser extension, anyone who is viewing the page can click the feedback button and submit their feedback with screenshots, annotations and comments.

 As soon as new feedback is submitted, a new task is created in Teamwork containing all the feedback that was submitted including the screenshot, browser information and more.


The Teamwork and Userback integration gives your team everything they need to manage customer feedback on any web project. As a Teamwork customer you can use this link to start free with Userback and then get your first month for just $1.

 If you need a hand with the Teamwork and Userback integration you can learn more in our help docs or send an email to and the team will be happy to help.

 This is a 3rd party integration built and supported by the team at Userback. As part of a co-marketing effort we are sharing this blog post with our customers. We remain committed to working on the feature requests that appear on our roadmap.