Like most companies, the Teamwork Spaces crew have been working remotely for a while now, and they have been busy, delivering new and enhanced features for you and your teams. 

With the introduction of the Space Manager role, an improved access request flow, and new space categories — organizing your Teamwork Spaces account has just gotten a lot easier. 

We’ve also made some key page editing improvements, including new keyboard commands, full-width page publishing capabilities, and inline commenting functionality, saving your team time as they create, publish and engage with your content.

Here’s a closer look at what some of the top features we have released, since our last update:

Teamwork Spaces is the ideal location, for process documentation, client information, contract details, and much more — and we know how sensitive such information can be. It is therefore critical that the correct role permissions are assigned to the right people within your company. 

That is why we introduced the Space Manager role, giving you more control over your user permissions and the management of all the spaces across your organization.  

With the addition of this new role, user permissions and access have now changed:

  • Space Manager – As well as having all the permissions of an editor, Space Managers can invite and remove users, manage space options and administrate and delete a space, 

  • Editor – Can create, edit, read, comment on, and delete pages within a space. Editors can also assign required reading and set individual page privacy settings. However they no longer have access to; space options, space settings, or the permissions section of a space.

  • Reader – Can read pages and make comments.

You can revise your employees access levels via the permissions section of your Teamwork Spaces account.

Space Manager role

Akin to the value of the Teamwork suite, we know the importance of working from within a single platform, reducing distraction, and saving time as you remain focused on your work.

For that reason, we’ve enhanced our access request flow. Space Managers can now directly manage access requests from within the Space permissions area, removing the need to leave Teamwork Spaces and action the permission from your email.

Space Managers and Site Administrators can grant the access request from the members area of a space.

Access request flow

In the modern-day, we’ve all become accustomed to, and almost expect instant results in life and in work. And it’s no different when we want to find content and information amongst a myriad of spaces.

Now you can easily find your spaces with our new categorization functionality. Your team’s admin can create a list of categories specific to your account so you can organize and group your spaces, simplifying the process for your team when they are trying to locate content. 

Admins can add, edit, and delete categories from the ‘Home’ area of your account.

Space Categories

Many of us like the efficiency of navigating through our work without having to constantly use our mouse. The introduction of our new keyboard commands allows you to do just this.

By simply typing /, within a spaces page, the full menu of widgets will display for you, continue to type the name of the widget you want to use immediately after the slash and press enter or return to select the command you wish to insert.

Keyboard Commands

With Teamwork Spaces being used for a broad range of content, we have introduced the ability for editors to publish their pages at full width.

Editors can toggle between a wide or narrow view depending on their preference or on the type of content they are producing. Publishing pages in full-width mode is particularly useful for readers who are viewing content containing large tables or widgets such as

Full Width mode

The version history functionality is essential for documentation, especially when you have multiple editors contributing to process documents, and client contracts.

As we iterate documentation it can be difficult to remember why we made the amendment and often forget to communicate that change to our colleagues.

Now we have introduced page version notes to assist you. Simply click on the chevron symbol (the inverted v) beside the publish button and add your note before publishing the page. The note can be viewed via the page version menu option.

Finally yet just as importantly, we have introduced inline comments in read mode!

As many of you collaborate with wider teams, stakeholders, and clients, we understand how critical it is to gather their feedback directly within Teamwork Spaces while they are in read mode.

Users can now collaborate with you by leaving comments on the text without needing to be in editor mode. If necessary, editors can toggle off the read mode commenting ability when sharing content and any comments made while in editor mode will only be visible to other editors.

Inline comments in read mode

As we embark on our final quarter of 2020 and plan for 2021, we’d love to hear what you think of our new features.  If you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us at