3x more powerful: new Teamwork Projects and Zapier integration

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It’s the Swiss Army knife of integrations that automates repetitive daily tasks so you can focus on the important work that makes your company grow.

We’ve completely rebuilt the existing Teamwork Projects and Zapier integration to give you more flexibility, functionality, and automation power than ever before. This new integration packs a punch, opening up hundreds of new automation possibilities that eliminate repetitive tasks and make your workflow a productivity machine.

If you’re new to Zapier, it can be described as the middleman that ties Teamwork Projects to thousands of other apps and automates the daily tasks that can otherwise eat up your time. It’s simple to use and you don’t need to write a single line of code to create an integration. It works by combining Triggers like “New Task” and Actions like “Create Task” to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another. Combinations of Triggers and Actions are called Zaps and these are what automate your repetitive processes.

The new Teamwork Projects and Zapier integration now has triple the power. With 30 Actions, 23 Triggers, and 17 searches to choose from. We know you’re very busy so we won’t go through all of them right now (but if you want to see everything we’ve added, just check out our overview page), but here are some of the most requested Triggers and Actions that have been added to the integration:

New Triggers:

  • Task Updated or Deleted - Triggered when a task is updated or deleted.

  • New Calendar event - Triggered when you add a new calendar event.

  • New Invoice - Triggered when you add a new invoice.

  • Project Updated - Triggered when a project is updated.

New Actions:

  • Calendar Event - Creates a new calendar event.</span></li>

  • Mark Task Complete - Marks a task complete.

  • Create Invoice - Create a new invoice.

  • Create Task Comment - Creates a new task comment.

New Searches:

  • Find Task - Finds a task by searching. 

  • Find Project - Finds a project by searching.

  • Find Company - Finds a company be searching.

To help get you started with the latest additions to our integration, we’ve created some Zap templates that will help organize your work and automate some of those time- consuming processes.

How to get started with Zapier

If you’re new to Zapier and Teamwork Projects, take a look at our help docs which guide you through the setup. Note If you’re already using the Zapier integration then you don’t have to take any action, you’re already using the new version! If you’ve any questions or need some help on our new and improved Teamwork Projects and Zapier integration, you can contact us at support@teamwork.com

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