3 ways to use the new Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on

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Create actionable tasks directly from meeting minutes, communication plans, feature specs, creative briefs and more with the new Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on. For companies that use Google Docs to create, edit, and share files, this new add-on is going to save you a whole lot of time! With the new Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on, you can create tasks directly from text in a Google Doc. It’s really simple — highlight the piece of actionable information within the body of the text, follow a couple of quick steps, and voila! Your task is created in Teamwork Projects and links back to the Google Doc it originated from. This new add-on will make sure that next steps are actioned and nothing falls through the cracks.  Install the Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on

How teams make progress on plans with Teamwork Projects for Google Docs

Teamwork Projects for Google Docs helps to keep your team on the same page by creating actions directly from the idea. Here are a few ways teams put the new add-on into action: Meeting Minutes Love them or hate them, every team has to have meetings to re-align, make decisions, and help move work along. Use the notes from each meeting as a launchpad for actionable next steps! Create tasks directly from the meeting minutes taken in your Google Docs so your report becomes a vital part of future planning. Product Launch Planning We’ve seen marketing teams flesh out their product launch plan concepts in a shared Google Doc. Many marketing teams find it easier to use a simple shared document instead of complex collaboration tools. As a concept develops and actionable/deliverable ideas are generated, they quickly create a task directly from the single source of truth to ensure that next steps are clearly assigned and completed.

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Feature Specs The first phase of any new feature requires a full, high-level spec to be written and approved before any building starts. It’s common for additional research tasks to emerge during the drafting phase. Using the Google Doc add-on, you can quickly create and assign a research task to any of your team members and change them on the fly.

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See the Teamwork Projects for Google Docs in action

https://youtu.be/54KHX2vtq3Q For more information on how to get set up with the Teamwork Projects for Google Docs add-on, check out our help doc.  Be sure to check out our hints and tips help doc to help you get the most out of the add-on. If you need a hand getting started with this add-on, send an email to support@teamwork.com, and one of our support agents will be more than happy to help!

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