Teamwork Projects vs. Asana

With Teamwork Projects,you'll have flexibility, more critical features than Asana can provide, better results for your team and the best customer support in the industry should you need it.

Why choose Teamwork Projects over Asana?

We promise we can make you more organized - backed up by our ninety day money back guarantee!

Manage Everything

Does Asana offer more than just tasks?

With Teamwork Projects, there is so much more than just task management when it comes to keeping track of your projects. With features like gantt charts, multiple assignees on tasks, milestones, file uploads and board view on tasks, you can get your whole team onboard and manage everything in the one place.

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Visualize your projects

Does Asana allow you to switch between board view and list view?

Here's the difference: When using Asana you have to choose one or the other. You either work with boards or you work with a list of tasks. With Teamwork Projects you'll have more flexibility. You have the option of switching between board view and list view so you can work in a way that suits you. You'll never be confined to just one option.

Track Time

Can you track time with Asana?

When you're working with clients you need to be able to track those hard earned hours. Teamwork Projects lets you do just that. You can track on individual tasks, or use our desktop timer. You can also estimate time which makes it easier when planning for future tasks.

Work Together

Do they have an integrated solution? is more than just about project management. We also have a helpdesk and a completely free real-time messenger that all integrate with each other beautifully.

Import everything from Asana

Can I get all my information from Asana added to Teamwork Projects?

Get your team up and running on Teamwork Projects in an instant. Simply sign up for an account and import all your projects over from Teamwork Projects to pick up where you left off. We've built an importer specifically for this job.

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All the features you'll ever need to get organized and get work done

  • Messages


    Leave comments or notes on tasks for your colleagues so that they have all the direction they need to complete the job at-hand. Need to address someone specifically? Just use the @mention feature to alert them e.g. @Dan.

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  • Time Tracking

    Time Tracking

    Track your time on every task. This will not only help you with billing, but will also give you a great overview on how long it takes to complete certain items. This gives you an accurate scope of where to dedicate resources on future projects.

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  • Notebooks


    The notebooks section allows you to write a formatted text page that can be revised or edited by other members within the project. What you write there is up to you. It's a particularly handy feature for managing recurring content within a project.

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  • Milestones


    Setting a milestone will keep you on track as you aim to have all your tasks completed on time. Teamwork Projects will remind you when you have a milestone looming so you'll know when you have to step it up a gear.

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  • Advanced Privacy

    Advanced Privacy

    Advanced privacy is a necessary feature so that decision makers can make the necessary calls. It also prevents burdening your colleagues with issues that don't impact them.

  • Gantt Charts

    Gantt Charts

    An overview of all your projects. Know what everyone is working on at a given time. Plan your schedule. Our Gantt chart feature will show you what's done and how much is left to do.

  • Task Priorities

    Task Priorities

    Sometimes there are bigger issues to contend with. With Teamwork Projects,you can prioritize your tasks so that the more important things get done first. This is especially useful when working across multiple functions of the business.

  • Task Dependencies

    Task Dependencies

    Our task dependencies feature will keep everyone on the project informed so they'll know if they're holding you up and vice versa. The nature of a team means you often rely on others to complete their work before you can start on your own.

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  • Tasks for multiple people

    Tasks for multiple people

    All hands on deck! Assign a task to multiple people so they can work together to get it completed. Our messages feature is a nice compliment here, keeping all the communication between these team members in the one place.

  • Task List Templates

    Task List Templates

    Set up predefined lists to save your time and energy. We know that often task lists need to be the same. With our task list templates, there's no need to keep repeating yourself.

  • Custom branding

    Custom branding

    Make it your own! Customize your Teamwork Projects installation by adding your logos, colors, and branding.

  • Nicer site address

    Nicer site address

    Customizing your URL makes it easy to remember, but also looks great to your users e.g.

  • Apps for iOS & Android

    Apps for iOS & Teamwork Projects

    Beautiful apps created by our mobile team. Keep up to date with Teamwork Projects no matter where you go.

  • We care

    We care

    If you ever have a question, simply contact us at and you'll receive a swift response from our in-house support team. We like to go the extra mile for our users.

  • Transparent Roadmap

    Transparent roadmap

    We always aim to be fully transparent with our users. Furthermore, your suggestions really matter to us. Our roadmap will give you an excellent visual of what's around the corner in terms of new features and updates.

Don't take it from us

Here's what they have to say about Teamwork Projects

I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any company needing a strong and thorough customer service platform, affordable, and with integration options.

Teamwork Desk has the potential to be a really great product. We know that it's still early days and are happy to deal with some occasional, minor bugs knowing that the team is working hard on fixing and adding new features all the time.

Ciaran McGrath Ciaran McGrath Managing Director  at  Threefold Systems

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