How to Grow Your Agency During Hard Times w/ Peter Coppinger

What are you concerned about as you plan ahead for 2024?

How will next year be different than this year?

These were among a few of the topics we discussed this week in a rare in-person recording with Peter Coppinger, Co-Founder and CEO of, during his recent trip to Denver.

You see, before was the growing SaaS company we are today, serving agencies with a platform to run client work, Peter and his Co-Founder, Daniel Mackey, were doing client work–building a web design agency that eventually led them to start building the platform we provide to thousands of customers today.

In this conversation, you'll hear:

  • The 3 consistent stages of growth in scaling an agency.  What are they and how do you recognize which stage you’re in.

  • The utilization benchmarks Peter recommends from his own agency experience

  • Peter’s take on the age old question: to niche or not to niche (especially in this economic environment)

  • His take on whether or not you should be embracing AI as an agency

Resources mentioned in today’s conversation:

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