Achieving Managed Growth for Your Agency w/ Joe Sullivan

Many agencies--just like yours--are echoing this common refrain:

Either it’s feast or famine right now. 

In today's episode, Joe Sullivan shares how his agency, Gorilla 76, is experiencing a "feast" season where demand is exceeding supply. 
They’re having to tell clients they can’t start working with them for several months–even if they’re ready to sign and start today.

It’s a good problem to have, but one that they’ve still got to solve.  An aim for what Joe refers to as “managed growth.”

For context, Joe and his co-founder, Jon, lead their team of 29 full time employees in a marketing agency focused on the industrial and manufacturing sector.

In this conversation Joe shares:

  • What they’ve been doing that’s likely lead to this increased demand for their services

  • The tools they use as a leadership team to spot issues (like growing too fast or too slow) ahead of time and proactively address them before they fester (Hint: Joe’s team are big believers in some EOS tools we also use here at 

  • Specific recommendations on how to avoid burning out your team during times of high growth, and how to manage demanding clients

Resources mentioned in today's conversation:

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