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Manage your budget and track profitability

Get a real-time view of your financial performance for each project and by customer. Track against your budget and get clear visibility into your profitability.

Financial Budgets

Track the financial performance of a project from conception through completion.

Financial budgeting
  • Create and customize a specific budget at the beginning of your project.

  • Track active budget usage across your projects. View the progression of the amount you've spent against the original budget total.

  • Turn on notifications to receive updates when the budget allocation reaches certain monetary thresholds.

Profitability Report

Get a quick, real-time view of your project’s profitability.

Profitability report
  • Completely customize the report and easily sort through projects to see which bring the most or least profit.

  • View your profitability as a percentage or dollar amount.

  • Provide your leadership or management teams with detailed insights into project performance.

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Customer Story from Blackboard

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