Visualize your progress with Board View

Use boards to see the flow of tasks and activities and get a fuller representation of your project’s scope.

Boards not only help you to picture your workflow better — they can change the way you think about work in the first place.

See your project in a new light

  • No matter what methodology you use — Scrum, Kanban, or your own unique approach — Boards are built to support you, so you can work your way.

  • Get full visibility over the logistics of your project and see your task progress through the process in real time.

  • Spot bottlenecks before they happen and keep an eye on your team’s workload, so you can pre-empt any issues before they become problems.

Keep your cards on the table

With every task represented as a card, you can get at-a-glance overviews of where your work stands.


Define your own columns for each process, and use them to quickly see the status of each task — and what still needs to be done before you can reach your goals.


Use Triggers to speed up admin work and automatically re-assign tasks, change due dates or send notifications when a task moves from one column to the next.


Plan your timeline and make sure that there are no dependencies that need to be addressed before you can make progress.

Teamwork is the nerve center for the entire operation. We literally could not operate the business without Teamwork.

Jay Baer, Founder & CEO at Convince & Convert

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