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Work and project management software that lets teams work, collaborate and communicate seamlessly.

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Reduce the complexity of collaboration with Teamwork

Customize your workflow

Manage individual permissions using our granular privacy settings, and keep track of everything at a glance with high-level, multi-project visibility.

Teamwork lets you work the way you want to

Get better visibility

Treat your team like pros. Empower them to work autonomously, without losing sight of what’s happening.

We believe that project management is about more than just getting the work done

Centralize all project information

Your teammates can zoom in to the details of every task — and you can zoom out to manage the big picture.

Integrations & apps

Accelerate your workflow by using our apps and connecting Teamwork with the tools you love.


Free your team to create powerful marketing campaigns by connecting Teamwork with Hubspot.

Microsoft Office

Simplify your workflow and accelerate productivity by connecting Microsoft Office and Teamwork.

Google Drive

Keep the files you need at your fingertips by connecting Teamwork with your Google Drive

Customer Story from Idea Planet

Having all of the elements for a project encapsulated in one place has proven invaluable.

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