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Beyond the Chaos

Beyond the Chaos is a project management consultancy who helps small business owners with 25 or fewer employees manage their projects and streamline their operations so that they can grow their businesses and get their lives back.

Texas, USA

About Beyond the Chaos

Susan Fennema is the Chaos Eradicating Officer (CEO) of Beyond the Chaos and has close to 30 years of project management experience in software development and marketing industries.

We help you use SaaS collaboration tools – like Teamwork – to improve your operations. We not only provide implementation and training plans for Teamwork, but we can also facilitate your projects for you. All of this helps you stay on top of your clients’ priorities, your team, and your projects.

With over 35 years of virtual business and working with remote teams, 110+ years of project management and operations, we know how to control your chaos and help you manage like you mean it — from wherever you work.

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