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Set your own business hours

Track your agents’ response times by mapping your company business hours to Teamwork Desk.

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Set your own business hours

Report on your businesses operational hours

Get insight into how your teams are performing by accurately reporting on their response metrics during the operating hours of your business,

Business Hours

Set default business hours

Set the hours of your typical working week to ensure activities are correctly tracked.

Create multiple business hours

Apply custom schedules to the teams that work outside of your default business hours, e.g. support and sales.

Schedule in public holidays

Keep reporting and communications on track by allowing for public holidays.

Report on your working week

Ensure your metrics are calculated accurately. You don’t work 24/7, so your metrics shouldn’t assume you do.

Enhance customer communication

Have Desk do the work for you when your team has clocked off.

Out of hours support

Have an SLA with your top clients? Use business hours in the creation section of your trigger to escalate and notify agents about important tickets to ensure a prompt response.

Set realistic time frames

Include the business hours variable in your canned responses and auto-replies so customers know when your team will be able to address their request.

Let the ticket tell you the time

Instantly view the schedule associated with a ticket from the list view or ticket thread.

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