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Desk gives you all the help desk software features you need to exceed your customers’ expectations and provide an unforgettable support experience.

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Desk Features - Teamwork

Ticket management

Answer your customer queries with fuller, faster and more personal replies.

Smart inboxes

Take the hassle out of organizing your tickets by setting up a smart inbox to do it for you — so you can focus on replying, not sorting.

Unified and shared inboxes

Track and manage incoming support tickets from one shared team inbox and easily find every email that's assigned to you in your own unified inbox.

Automate with triggers

Save time and get quicker resolutions by using triggers to take care of repetitive tasks like assigning tickets, adding tags, and sending emails — so you’re free to focus on the trickier things, like solving customer issues.

Customer portal

Put your customers in control. With our customer portal, you can give your customers visibility over their requests and the power to manage their own tickets.

Agent productivity

Empower your team to exceed customer expectations by giving them the tools to provide helpful responses more efficiently.

Canned responses

Keep your customer support answers quick and consistent by using pre-populated responses to reply to common queries.

Collision detection

Avoid communication mishaps by alerting your team when another agent is viewing or replying to the same ticket.

Priority tickets

Deal with critical customer issues first by prioritizing tickets, using whatever criteria makes sense for your business

Custom tags

Add more context to queries and create a more organized inbox by adding customizable tags to tickets.

Reporting and Analytics

Get detailed reports on ticket activity, agent performance, and customer happiness, so you can pinpoint areas for improvement and keep striving for excellence.

Customer happiness

Get instant feedback on the support experience and make sure you’re delighting your customers by sending automated surveys to measure customer happiness.

Agent performance

Drill down and see exactly how responsive, helpful, and efficient each agent is — and how you can help them develop.

Productivity indicators

Keep an eye on your key performance indicators like first response time, handle time, or number of replies to resolve, so you can see what's working and what you can improve.

Company insights

See how you’re performing on a per-organization basis with tailored insights on the team’s responses times, each company’s happiness ratings, and their overall engagement.

Knowledge Base

Give your customers access to 24/7 self-service support (and reduce ticket volumes for your agents) by setting up a Help Doc site.

Fewer queries

Empower your customers to find the information they need without having to contact an agent by creating help doc articles for common queries.

24/7 support

For those times when your support team isn’t on duty, Help Docs are here to help.

Article insights

Understand how your customers are interacting with your Help Docs site by viewing insights on top performing help doc articles, answers found, average duration on site, and more.

Contact forms

Customers can easily search your help docs and reach your support team from any page on your website through the embeddable contact form.

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