Close the loop in your client management process

Use Teamwork and Teamwork Desk together to close the loop between client requests and project work — saving you time and building a seamless working process for client communication and project management.

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Built to work together

Teamwork and Teamwork Desk are designed to work together so you don’t need to buy, install, integrate and maintain connections between standalone apps — it’s just part of the package when you use the two apps together.

Seamlessly manage requests

Save time on switching between different tabs and apps and keep work moving forward from one place. From the very first email to the final deliverable, manage customer requests more efficiently by creating Teamwork tasks ready to be worked on directly from the ticket in Teamwork Desk.

Collaborate effectively across teams

Save time on switching between different tabs and apps and keep work moving forward from one place. Agents in Teamwork Desk are automatically notified of active tickets once Teamwork tasks are complete and it’s time to follow-up with the customer — cutting out unnecessary back-and-forth and allowing for seamless collaboration.

More accurate and efficient billing

Bill your clients accurately and in the same thread of communication as their request to speed up the payment process.

Works both ways to support your processes

Give your team the tools they need to work more efficiently and deliver results for your business.

Create a Teamwork Desk ticket directly from a task in Teamwork to cut out time switching between apps and connect follow-up activities from one action to the next. Get full visibility by previewing the ticket from Teamwork so you can get full context when you need it.

How Teamwork’s integrated suite is the key to Security7’s productivity

We talked to Raymond Scholl, Partner and Chief Information Security Officer of Security7 Networks, to learn how integrated helpdesk and project management software from Teamwork has improved the company’s process for managing customer tickets and workflows.

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Instant team communication

Build communication into your connected workflow using Teamwork Chat on top of Teamwork and Teamwork Desk.

Make communication more accessible

Make communication more accessible

Instantly communicate with your team from any Teamwork product using Teamwork Chat — giving you a quick and effective way to chat directly about something without needing to navigate away from the page you’re on.

Turn talk into actions

Turn talk into actions

Take action on decisions made from team conversations by creating a Teamwork task directly from a message in Teamwork Chat to keep working moving forward.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

When you update your status from Teamwork Chat, it automatically syncs with Teamwork and vice versa — so you only need to set your status from one place to keep everyone in the loop.

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