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Helpdesk software that frees your support team to focus on the customer

Manage customer queries with ease by giving your support team the tools they need to delight your customers — without compromising on quality.

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Software for support teams who want to exceed customer expectations

Everything you need to delight your customers from one central communications hub.

Centralize your support

Eliminate communication silos and improve team collaboration by managing all customer interactions from one place — ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Lower first response times

Provide high-quality support in less time by automating repetitive tasks, so you can free your agents to focus on quick, helpful responses.

Focus on supporting customers

Software can’t give your customers an unforgettable support experience, but you can. Having the right software in place can free your team to focus on the people that matter to your business.

Tailor your support

Tailor your support

Assign tickets to subject matter experts or colleagues from different teams to ensure your customers get the support they need.

A fully oraganized workspace

A fully organized workspace

Improve your processes by creating an organized and transparent workspace for your support team by managing customer interactions through tickets and shared inboxes.

Empower your customers

Empower your customers

Reduce ticket volumes for agents by giving your customers access to 24/7 self-service support, so they can find answers even when your team are off duty.


We were looking for helpdesk software that was very friendly, produced a dialog, and didn’t make customers feel challenged to gain our assistance.

Raymond Scholl, Partner and Chief Information Security Officer at Security7 Networks

You don’t need software. You need Teamwork. Teamwork Desk lets your support team focus on managing relationships, not tools.

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