How Teamwork Desk became See Green’s ticket to efficiency

How Teamwork Desk became See Green’s ticket to efficiency
Company Name
See Green
Web Design
North Yorkshire, UK

See Green develops all things digital for their global portfolio of clients — right from their headquarters in York, England. Their expertise covers building websites and the systems that run them, including CRM, staff intranet, hosting solutions, and integrated communication. They streamline every digital element of the company, no matter where their clients or employees are located.

See Green started using Teamwork Desk in 2013 when it was still in Beta phase. Operations Director, David Forster said that his team had tried other helpdesk ticketing solutions, but even in Teamwork Desk’s first years, no other product gave them the insights they needed to keep their team productive and their customers happy.

Too many tickets, not enough features

Before using Teamwork Desk, See Green used a helpdesk ticketing system that was a simple community-built platform that had limited capability in the way of client support. With thousands of domains and voice networks to track, they needed something reliable and that provided them with a systematic way to process incoming queries.

The most obvious shortcoming was an inability to share tickets with team members who had the expertise to resolve complicated queries. The person who first picked up the ticket often had follow-up questions, which increased customer response time and created confusion. “As the business grew a little, it became more evident that a lot of the tickets coming in would require more than one person’s skill set,” said David. “So being able to have a system we could all log into, without sending an email round-robin, became very apparent.”

In fact, David remembers exactly when his team knew that their software wasn’t adequate. On two consecutive days, someone emailed in with a request for support for a DNS change, and it got lost in the shuffle when they were in meetings. Time was ticking, but they didn’t realize that they were losing crucial hours — and their reputation for excellent service.

See Green had already chosen Teamwork as their work management software, and just as they started researching new helpdesk ticketing software, an email arrived for the launch of Teamwork Desk. They were one of the first companies to sign up, and they’ve never looked back.

Tools for success

Customers noticed the change right away as response times were significantly faster. Team members instantly saw the benefit of using private notes on a ticket, which let them collaborate on solving customers’ problems in context. “New team members are picking up the software much more quickly because we can put instructions for them right in the ticket,” said David. “They don’t need to spend a lot of time researching the right answer.”

Support agents have access to shared inboxes, where they can jump in and help move tickets forward if another agent is out of the office or just busy resolving a more complex query. Admins have visibility over all of the inboxes, so they can direct resources toward an overloaded area or high priority tickets.

Now it’s almost impossible for the team to miss high priority tickets since they added triggers that alert them to urgent questions. The triggers also help them organize and prioritize their inboxes hour by hour as they see which tickets need immediate attention.

Advanced Desk features make each client feel like they’re getting VIP treatment. Using customized tags and triggers, See Green agents know exactly how to respond to different customers so they can make sure they’re answering queries on-time. Thanks to the open API in Teamwork Desk, See Green has created an integration that lets team members pull all of the customer data from their in-house CRM software, so they can get in-depth information, including all of the tickets they’ve previously sent in. All of the background data agents need is right at their fingertips!

When more clarification is needed, or maybe the dev team needs to review a deeper issue on a ticket, Teamwork Desk integrates perfectly with Teamwork. A task can be added to the ticket, so team members know exactly who’s working on the question and how long it should take.

"Getting to inbox zero isn’t a dream anymore. All of these features work together to help our small team accomplish more with less stress and more success – David"

Fast track to efficiency

By choosing Teamwork Desk, See Green improved the way they managed their daily workload and processes for handling customer queries. Instead of wasting time deciding which tickets or tasks to complete first, the team can quickly make decisions and keep moving ahead. "There’s no doubt that it made us more efficient. The Teamwork Desk updates keep increasing our efficiency as a team". Some of the features, like notes on each ticket, have completely changed the way the team interacts. Teamwork Desk has helped them reclaim time that they used to spend on multiple conversations or researching workarounds. Instead of getting hung up in communication loops, they’re having productive discussions in context with colleagues or clients instead.

Those discussions have translated into better relationships among team members, faster onboarding for new team members, and more clarity with customer needs. Everyone is getting the information they need in less time.

"Teamwork Desk is one of my top productivity tools. If you have any type of customer support in your company, don’t try to manage it through email. Use Teamwork Desk instead. It works, and saves you time that allows you to look after your customers."

– David Forster, Operations Director for See Green