How to Prepare Your Agency for an Acquisition w/ Karl Heasman

Many agency owners don't begin with the end in mind.  Did you?

If you answer questions like "How much do we need to make?" with "I don't know...more!" or "When will I be able to retire?" with  "Not now!"...'re not alone.

Seasoned agency owner, Karl Heasman, Founder of Greycott Consultancy has had his own successful exits and now helps other agency owners prepare for acquisition--by beginning with the end in mind.

In this episode, he shares:

  • Where to start looking for potential buyers for your agency (with a few surprising additions to the typical list)

  • How to determine a potential timeline for an exit

  • The important financial metrics you should be tracking now

Karl also shares practical advice for managing conversations internally when you've decided to pursue a relationship with a "growth partner."

Resources mentioned in today's conversation:

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