The State of Agency Operations

Insights and advice to transform how you run your agency

Agencies that have mastered operations can weather any challenges that come their way — AI, inflation, employment fluctuations, and more. So, how do you become one?

We surveyed over 500 agency leaders to find out what’s working operationally, what needs some attention, and how agencies of all sizes can simplify, streamline, and structure their operations for success.

Our report will give you insights into:

  • The budget mishaps that lead to lower profitability

  • How common client losses are and what you can do to prevent them

  • The average billable utilization rate and how you can increase yours

  • And much more

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Key takeaways

Time and resource management: 33% of agency leaders says their agency's employees submit time tracking data on time - about 90% of the time

Agency leaders spend 69% of their time in meetings: The majority of agency leaders time is spent in meetings or on team management, leaving little room for business development

Billable vs non billable time: 52% of agencies are struggling to hit billable utilization rate benchmarks over 50%, and just 18% always reach their billable vs. non-billable time targets

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