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Love it so far! I'm a new project manager consultant....with limited budget. I chose Teamwork Projects over BaseCamp after reading a few reviews. I had some experience with BaseCamp last year, and liked it, but I can already see how much more I like your package. I have only been using it for a week now, and haven't made time to explore all the capabilities. I'm on the free plan, but will upgrade and keep using. Thanks!

Ciaran McGrathWendy CrozeProject Management Consultant at CARF

Can investing in project management software help your non-profit achieve its mission? Here are 4 questions you need to consider:

Too many tools

Can it improve your document management process?

Teamwork Projects helps non-profit teams eliminate the bottlenecks that happen when you share documents via email. Everything from funding reports to receipts and board meeting minutes can be stored in one central location for everyone to find.

How long will it take

Does it help you build workflows that saves time?

Using Teamwork Projects, your team will spend less time planning and more time achieving your mission. Features such as task list templates help build consistency into your workflow by standardizing the processes for running successful fundraising campaigns and events.

Can it help my team...

Does it give you a simple way to track your team’s hours?

Your team can log time on projects and tasks using Teamwork Projects’ time-tracking feature. You can then generate time reports at the click of a button — which makes audits easier and may even help to secure more funding.

Is there a mobile app?

Is there a mobile app?

Our Android and iOS apps make it even easier to keep your projects moving from different locations, whether it's across campus or across the globe.

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Features to transform the way your university manages projects.

  • Task management

    Task management.

    Easily create and delegate tasks to your team. Filter and review upcoming tasks by project, date, priority and more.

  • Gantt charts

    Gantt charts.

    A visual overview of all your projects. Our Gantt chart feature will show you what everyone is working on and what needs to be done on your projects.

  • Privacy & Permissions

    Privacy and Permissions.

    Granular control over privacy and permissions ensures that only the appropriate people have access to certain projects, files and data.

  • Documents

    Document storage and editing.

    Easily share, store, organize and edit documents without leaving the app.

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  • Messages


    Communicate in real-time across departments, campuses, and remote offices.

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  • Assign tasks by project role

    Assign tasks by project role.

    Do you frequently add a group of administration, faculty, staff or students to certain tasks? Create project roles within Teamwork Projects and quickly assign tasks to customized groups of users with a single click!

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Works with the apps you're already using

Teamwork Projects is designed to work seamlessly with the tools you and your team already know and love. Everything is in the cloud, accessible anywhere and anytime.

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