What are deliverables in agency project management?

Deliverables definition

In agency project management, a deliverable refers to a tangible or intangible product, service, or result that must be produced and delivered to a client or stakeholder at a specified time within the project's lifecycle. Deliverables can be intermediate components required for project completion or final outputs that fulfill the project's goals and objectives. They serve as milestones that guide the project's progress, helping in monitoring, controlling, and ensuring that the project aligns with client expectations and agency standards.

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Internal vs. external deliverables

In the context of agency project management, understanding the distinction between internal and external deliverables is pivotal.

Internal deliverables: These are created for stakeholders within the agency and are often vital in reaching the final external deliverable. They might include internal reports, draft versions of products, or specific team goals.

Example: An internal design mockup shared with the development team.

External deliverables: These are the final products or services delivered to the client or external stakeholders, reflecting the agreed scope and quality.

Example: The finalized website design presented to the client.

The clear identification and management of both internal and external deliverables are crucial for maintaining transparency, accountability, and the project's overall success.

Product vs. project deliverables

Product and project deliverables, while interconnected, serve different purposes within agency project management:

Product deliverables: These are the final products, services, or results delivered to the client at the project's completion.

Example: A fully-functional mobile application.

Project deliverables: These include the tangible or intangible items produced as part of the project's process and may encompass internal or external components.

Example: A project timeline or risk assessment report.

The distinction helps in better organizing the project, ensuring that every aspect aligns with the client's requirements and the project's objectives.

Managing deliverables with plays a vital role in enabling agencies to be successful in managing deliverables. Having clear, well-defined, measurable project deliverables is fundamental to project success, and is the platform that ensures precise tracking of those deliverables and the multitude of tasks involved. It provides a centralized singular source of truth for all project data, facilitating transparency on who's working on what, tracking dependencies, and assisting in prioritizing the right tasks in the right order. 

With multiple views, project timelines, and robust project planning capabilities, is the comprehensive solution for sorting out project deliverables and streamlining projects to meet clients' expectations and agency standards.

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