What is an Agile team?

Agile team definition

If there was a phrase that best describes an Agile team, it would be the following: 

"A dynamic, adaptive team delivering value through iterative collaboration."

An Agile team is a cross-functional, self-organized group of individuals who collectively share the responsibility of delivering high-quality results in a timely manner. This team is constructed around the principles of the Agile methodology, promoting collaboration, and encouraging quick adaptation to changes. The team is typically multidisciplinary, comprising members with varied skills necessary for the project, ranging from design to development to testing.

In an Agile team, every member collaborates, communicates, and interacts regularly to ensure everyone is aligned towards achieving the shared goals. These teams function with a commitment to deliver value incrementally, often producing a workable product at the end of each iteration or sprint. This iterative approach allows for regular feedback and enables them to make necessary adjustments throughout the project's duration, ultimately resulting in a product that better suits the client's needs and expectations. 

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Agile team vs. Scrum team

Though Agile and Scrum teams share many similarities, as both work under the Agile methodology, their structure and operation do have differences.

An Agile team is a broader term for a group that uses any form of Agile methodology (like Kanban or Scrum), while a Scrum team is a specific kind of Agile team that strictly adheres to the Scrum framework.

A typical Scrum team consists of the following roles:

Product Owner: This person is responsible for maximizing the value of the product, managing the product backlog, and aligning the team's work with stakeholders' expectations.

Scrum Master: The Scrum Master facilitates Scrum ceremonies, removes obstacles hindering the team, and ensures adherence to Scrum principles.

Development Team: This is a group of professionals who work collectively to deliver potentially shippable increments at the end of each sprint.

A platform such as can greatly facilitate the effective functioning of an Agile or Scrum team team, fostering collaboration, and enhancing project management efficiency.

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