Use automation to make your support more human

Automate your helpdesk workflows to speed up your support and give your team more time to be human, helpful, and kind.


Group your tickets with Smart Inboxes

Focus on replying, not sorting. With Teamwork Desk, you can set up Smart Inboxes to prioritize certain types of conversations based on specific criteria.

Set up one inbox for VIP customers who are experiencing a bug in your product, another for people who have been waiting a while for a response, or whatever you need.

Prioritize more urgent issues

When a ticket comes in matching the criteria you’ve defined, it will go straight into your Smart Inbox so you can easily spot it and reply right away.

Keep your team on track with the Teamwork Timer app
Keep your team on track with the Teamwork Timer app

Categorize for quick access

Organize your help desk even further by categorizing tickets by tag so you can tackle specific issues or areas at one time.

Add power to your workflows by combining Smart Inboxes + Triggers

Bring your customer support to the next level by combining the power of our two most powerful automation features.

Setup Triggers to automate tasks like assigning tickets, adding tags to tickets grouped in Smart Inboxes

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