Our development team is getting Teamwork Desk ready for a release of some exciting new features and enhancements! While some of those changes are receiving their final touches and getting ready to be released into the wild, we wanted to share some cool new tidbits that we’ve recently added!

Never forget an attachment again with our new attachment reminder

The email is written, you hit send,  and… you realize that you forgot to attach the document. We’ve all been there. Teamwork Desk can put an end to this embarrassing scenario!

If you referred to the attachment within the body of your email using phrases like “please see attached,” or  “please find attached,”. and forgot to attach the document, a pop-window will remind you to add the file. Just another way that Teamwork Desk has your back!

Give a thumbs-up 👍 with our new Like a Note feature

Reduce the number of notes on a ticket! If you agree with a note from your teammate, simply give it a like. Give a written reply where necessary, and let the thumbs up do the rest of the talking. Hitting the 👍 button keeps ticket threads concise and to the point!

Check out our help doc to find out more about our new Like a Note feature.

Image Zoom for Help Docs

This handy new feature allows you to enlarge images on your help docs site in a single click. So if you need to see the nitty-gritty details in an image, this is the feature for you!

If you have a question about any of our new features, please send an email to our awesome support team on support@teamwork.com. They’re always happy to help. Stay tuned for further feature updates. Those big ones are on their way!