Eight months into our lab’s life, we decided we couldn’t manage a dozen projects among the five of us without a system. After trying out several others, we chose Teamwork Projects for its multiple views, the easy interface by which we can add tasks by typing text, and the flexibility with which we can assign teammates to different projects.
Now, 15 months later, we rely on Teamwork Projects, especially for accounting purposes. As are many scientific labs, our research is funded by a host of different governmental and private agencies. Some of our projects require precise and detailed accounting of hours spent and tasks completed. Teamwork Projects has been essential in logging and tracking these details.
Customer story: School of Medicine at Yale University | Teamwork Projects
Teamwork Projects has also allowed us to keep 19 distinct projects moving forward, among a cadre of five researchers and a larger network of dozens of collaborating individuals. We go through phases when we do a better or worse job of assigning tasks and marking them as complete. When we’re doing well, Teamwork Projects allows us to view a rich history of solutions we’ve created for sophisticated, infrequently repeating technical problems, saving us hours and even days when similar problems surface on new projects.
Teamwork Projects also allows collaborators who are less actively or less frequently involved with a project to quickly understand that project’s evolution since the last time he or she checked in. Similarly, when we table a project, while we wait for a resource to develop, or while we dedicate ourselves to an unrelated deadline, we can return to that project seamlessly: Teamwork Projects allows us to create snapshot of the states of our efforts and thinking, on each of our projects.
We would like to say thanks for the support you provide to our lab’s project management, Teamwork Projects!
Frederick Shic, Ph.D., Director & Elizabeth Kim, M.Phil., Senior Research Associate and Laboratory Manager.
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