How to Stop Overservicing Clients Next Year w/ Ken Yarmosh

38% of agencies struggle with frequently overservicing clients. 

Of the 500+ agencies surveyed for the 2023 State of Agency Operations Report, 44% also said that client demands have become tougher to meet.    

Are you finding clients more demanding? Is overservicing happening more frequently in your agency?

If so, 2024 can be different on both fronts.

Ken Yarmosh, Business Coach, Fractional COO and Founder of The Remote Solopreneur, recently joined the Agency Life webinar series and laid out a clear path forward so that agency leaders like you can help your team to stop overservicing clients (for good).

In today's episode you'll learn:

  • The root causes of consistently overservicing clients

  • How to stop selling widgets and start selling outcomes

  • The 5 steps to scale up your agency's offers

  • Why you need to flip the "Communication Pyramid" with clients to deliver client work without the typical headaches

Resources mentioned in today’s conversation:

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