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It's time to ditch the whiteboard . Bring your productivity to the next level with Teamwork Projects. Keep every task involving your team in one place . Collaborate in real time for real results and start shipping .

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The only way to manage your projects and your team .

Organize Everything

Organize everything

Create projects, tasks, deadlines, files, messages, milestones, and events all within Teamwork Projects . You'll never miss a deadline ever again .

Organize Everything

Collaborate with anybody

In the office or across the globe, Teamwork Projects notification system makes it easy to collaborate, no matter where you, your team, or your clients are .

Organize Everything

Access from anywhere

Anything, anywhere, anytime - the Teamwork Projects native mobile apps keep your products right in your pocket at all times to keep you fully mobile .

Works with the apps
you're already using

Teamwork Projects is designed to work seamlessly with the tools you and your team already know and love .
Everything is in the cloud, accessible anywhere and anytime .

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Teamwork Projects consistently exceeds my expectations. It has totally changed the way our business works, and I can’t fathom how we used to get by without it!

Ciaran McGrath Jay Baer President at Convince & Convert at Threefold Systems

Helpdesk, designed to deliver happiness

Teamwork Desk streamlines all of your customer enquiries, .
allowing you to communicate quickly and effectively with your customers .

Build better relationships with your customers

Teamwork Desk will take your customer service to the next level . - Project Management, Help Desk & Chat Software

Solve problems faster

Features such as unified inboxes, assigning tickets, ticket status as well as the ability to action a task in Teamwork Projects from Teamwork Desk, makes managing support queries simple . - Project Management, Help Desk & Chat Software

Don't guess. Measure

Get valuable insights instead of just numbers . Find out what your customers really think with Teamwork Desk's reporting and Customer Happiness rating functions . - Project Management, Help Desk & Chat Software

Be helpful 24/7

Answer customer tickets from wherever you are with the web or with your iPhone and tablet apps . You can even build your own Help Docs .


Take collaboration to the next
level with Teamwork Chat

Keep every task involving your team in one place . Collaborate and work with your team in real time for real results with our web and desktop apps .

Free Forever

Teamwork Chat was built to help us run our own business . It will help yours too .

In the beginning, we held a meeting every Monday and discussed our current projects . We maintained a large whiteboard and separated it into different segments. The whiteboard gave us a sense of organization... but we weren't. Our meetings were taking longer and longer and we knew we needed a better system, so we built it. Since then, we've been creating products to satisfy our own itch and the itches of our customers .


Peter Coppinger

CEO & Co-Founder - Project Management, Help Desk & Chat Software

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