We keep your data safe

Maintaining the security, integrity, and confidentiality of your data is our top priority.
Trusted by thousands of companies

Trusted by thousands of companies

We’re privileged to be trusted by thousands of companies in over 140 countries worldwide. We always pursue the highest professional standards to ensure your data is safe.

Security of your data is our top priority

Security comes first

Secure access over HTTPS (TLS) is provided with all Teamwork domains. Only certain members of our team have direct access to the live database, and all access is logged.

User authentication

Advanced user authentication

If you require additional security, we give you the option to require complex passwords for your account — and depending on your plan, we also support two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO).

We respect your privacy

Privacy is paramount

Every byte of information that you store with us — every file, document, image, task, and milestone — is owned by you. We’ll never copy, share, or modify your data, or access it without your consent. For more information, check out our GDPR page or get in touch with us.

World-class customer service

Data backups nearly every second

Real-time data replication ensures that we always have your data backed up. We take automatic database snapshots every few seconds so you can have complete peace of mind that your data is 100% safe.

World-class customer service

99% uptime service level promise

We aim to maintain an uptime of over 99%. If we don’t, we’ll give you one week of service free.

See the latest uptime report at uptime.teamwork.com.

Trusted by thousands of companies all around the world


Where are your servers located?

Our servers are with Amazon Web Services AWS and are hosted within the US and the EU. For more information on AWS, click here.

Who has access to the servers?

Only certain members of our team have authorization to access the servers. We never breach customer confidentiality.

What about physical security?

AWS infrastructure is housed in Amazon-controlled data centers throughout the world. Only those within Amazon who have a legitimate business need to have such information know the actual location of these data centers.

More Information

Have a question that we haven’t answered here? We’d love to talk to you. Get in touch with us by emailing support@teamwork.com.