Uptime over 99.9%

The Teamwork.com strategy is simple, never to be down, offline, unavailable or slow. To claim the goal of four 9’s (99.99%) uptime is to be expected, and Teamwork.com has come as close as any in this respect. We strive to maintain this by implementing continuous improvements to improve the availability, performance, and resiliency of our infrastructure.

All databases undergo a full backup every morning and their backups are stored for one year in encrypted AWS S3 storage. Backups taken in the EU region do not leave the EU and visa versa.

All Databases are operated with a Point-in-time recovery system that will produce a copy of the database from five minutes into the past for the last seven days. Teamwork.com has tested this, both as DR/BC and at the request of customers who have accidentally overwritten vital elements of their projects. You can view an overview of our uptime here.

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